The Patch

The Patch is a Sonoma institution


The Patch has over thirty thousand tomato plants and their stand is filled with every kind of tomato available — no matter what you have in mind, they have a tomato for you.

* The Patch – When I first moved here, I stumbled upon The Patch within the first day or two. They have a simple stand that they sell their produce from all on the honor system. When I found that, I knew this was the place for me. A town with a farm in the middle of it that sells it’s goods on the honor system, yes this was the place for me. As I’ve come to find out, there are so many backyard gardeners here that setting up a cardtable full of veggies on your front lawn with an honor system pay method is common. Anyway, it’s painfully beautiful at the Patch, gorgeous veggies with vineyards and rolling hills in the background… It fills you full of Sonoma pride.”

The Patch, at 320 Second (939-8125), lies across the street from Vella and offers fresh-picked fruits and vegetables.

Wednesday and Saturday Market