General Information

What is a "Certified Farmers Market?

This means that all the farmers have registered with the county Agricultural Commissioners office. They have specified exactly what they grow and where they grow it. They have paid a fee, and signed an agreement that allows a county agriculture official to inspect their farm to ensure that they are growing what they sell. The purpose of this is to protect the consumer against “peddling”, or purchasing produce from somewhere else, marking up the price and reselling it at a farmers market.

Are the Farmers Organic?

Some of our Farmers are certified Organic, these farmers will have “Certified Organic” signs in their booth, however, the majority of our farmers practice sustainable farming, and do not use pesticides.  When shopping the farmers market in most cases you are purchasing from the farmer, ask questions, they love to share their passion for what they grow and the care they take of the soil to harvest the best produce for their customers. 

Do the Farmers Use Genetically Modified Seed?

The market requires all farmers must conspicuously label produce grown from GMO seed.

Click on these links to learn more about genetically modified foods and seeds:



Food Democracy Now 


Organic Consumers Association 


Thomas Whitman at Ecological Farming Association 

What Amenities Does the Market Offer?

There are bathrooms and drinking fountains in Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.   There is free drinking water at the information booth.  There are portapotties located at the south end of the market.  There is live music on Saturdays and most Wednesdays. There are a variety of prepared food vendors, and the market has chairs and tables for dining. And, of course, there’s free parking.

Is the Market Handicapped Accessible?

Yes, there are handicapped parking spaces available. All of the market is on level, asphalt surface, accessible to wheelchairs and items for assisted walking. Handicapped accessible bathrooms and drinking fountains are in Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.

Can I Use Credit or Debit Cards?

Some vendors have the ability to take credit/debit cards and Venmo. There is an ATM outside the main lobby of the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts for cash. We do not dispense cash at the market Information Booth.

Can I Become A Vendor?

Sure! Head to the BE A VENDOR page and apply!

Discount and Subsidy Programs

We accept CalFresh and participate in Market Match, matching dollar for dollar for fruits & vegetables, ($20.00 max at Santa Rosa, $15.00 max at Guerneville & Cloverdale). Visit the information booth to obtain Calfresh & Market Match $$. Certified Produce vendors accept WIC Vouchers and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program Checks. We offer $2.00 in Senior Bucks (good for all vendors) every Wednesday at Santa Rosa, as well as the Russian River and Cloverdale markets.  We also participate in various grants offered during the year.  

Why Dogs Are Not Allowed at Our Farmers Market

To ensure the health and safety of all our patrons and vendors, we follow the guidelines set by the Sonoma County Health Department regarding live animals at farmers markets. According to these regulations:

1. Live animals are not permitted within twenty feet of temporary food facilities.
2. Signs will be posted at all entrances to the event or food areas informing the public of this requirement.
3. Event support staff will enforce this requirement.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in keeping our market a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. For more information on these regulations, please visit the Sonoma County Health Department website.

We proudly accept CalFresh (EBT), WIC and participate in the SFMNP (Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program) and the Market Match Program.

It is easy to use your EBT card at the Market Information Booth and receive dollar for dollar in market match for Fruits & Veggies.

The Santa Rosa Original Farmers Market (Wednesday & Saturday) we match up to $20.
The Guerneville and WIC Farmers Market (Thursday) we match up to $15.
The Cloverdale Farmers Market (Tuesday) we match up to $10.

When you use your EBT card at the farmers’ market, you can get extra money to spend on fruits and vegetables with Market Match. Watch the video to learn how it works!

Cuando usa su tarjeta de EBT en el mercado de agricultores, puede obtener dinero extra para comprar frutas y verduras con Market Match.