We Love to Grow the Food You Love to Eat

This week’s Wednesday market is at the Tierra Vegetable Farm Stand 651 Airport Blvd 8:30-1pm
Pegi Ball

What a week this has been, my thoughts have been with everyone, praying all are safe, I would like to say and unaffected, but we all have been affected. We will not be able to have a market at the Luther Burbank Center until possibly the 2nd week in November, however, our farmers are very much wanting to provide you with the freshest produce possible, as quickly as possible. Wednesday 10/18, we will have a small mainly ag market at Tierra Vegetable Farm Stand at 651 Airport Blvd. 8:30am-1pm. We are also currently working on an alternative location for Saturdays market, should have some news tomorrow. We are anxious to see you, our farmers market family, please come by and say hello,

This farmers market is a California Certified farmers market.  The word certified guarantees that all the fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, eggs, honey, herbs and plants, cut flowers for sale here are grown and harvested in California (for our market, almost exclusively in Sonoma County).  All of the farm-raised meat products and poultry for sale here are California-grown too.  The word certified also means that the person who sells those fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc. is the farmer who produced them, their family or employee.

Wednesday market is a great time to shop!  Easy parking – easy shopping and a chance to talk to your favorite vendors.   Produce, meat, eggs -chicken and duck, bakeries, fruit, honey, mushrooms and great places for a snack or a meal.   There’s a lot to see at the Wednesday market.