We Love to Grow the Food You Love to Eat


Who doesn’t like a win-win? Our market manager, Pegi Ball has come up with a win-win-win and it could be more wins but we need your help.
EBT (food stamps) are not enough. Cuts to the program leave many families with not enough to eat. Our market like many tries to match EBT dollars. We have to raise the money to do that.
This where the win-win-win comes in. .Saturday, May 7th the market is closed for events at Luther Burbank Center for the Arts. It is also the same day as the Human Race, the ginormous fundraising event for Sonoma non-profits. Win-win. Libby from Beet Generation is our Team Captain.
We need you for the final win. We need your help. A small donation is a good start. It would also help if you would share this post to let others know about the Matching Fund.
Thanks and of course you are welcome to come out and walk or run with us.
Here’s a link to our donation page

Welcome to the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market.  Established in 1967, we are open year-round two days each week (Saturdays and Wednesdays) rain or shine!  Come on down to the market and meet the farmers and ranchers who proudly grow and raise the food you eat.  If you want to know about the food you eat, ask the people who grow it.  The Santa Rosa Farmers Market was among the first in the state to become a certified market.  The market prides itself on showcasing the diversity of Sonoma County.
We accept EBT/CalFresh,  Sonoma Rx, WIC supplemental food program.

This farmers market is a California Certified farmers market.  The word certified guarantees that all the fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, eggs, honey, herbs and plants, cut flowers for sale here are grown and harvested in California (for our market, almost exclusively in Sonoma County).  All of the farm-raised meat products and poultry for sale here are California-grown too.  The word certified also means that the person who sells those fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc. is the farmer who produced them, their family or employee.

Wednesday market is a great time to shop!  Easy parking – easy shopping and a chance to talk to your favorite vendors.   Produce, meat, eggs -chicken and duck, bakeries, fruit, honey, mushrooms and great places for a snack or a meal.   There’s a lot to see at the Wednesday market.