You don’t have to be Irish for the eating of the greens! Saturday Vendor List

Korean Heirloom Spinach from Min-Hee Gardens

Korean Heirloom Spinach from Min-Hee Gardens

The market will be filled with the Irish spirit on Saturday.  Dominique is making green macaroons and Crumb Hither has wonderful Irish soda bread.  The Green Grocer has corned beef and cabbage on the menu.

Peter Bailey, wonderful jewelry designs — some with a decidedly Irish bent.  Patricia Greer from Waterhorse Ridge has great whiskey jams and every where there are the fresh, tender greens of Spring.  Plenty of potatoes too!

Min-Hee says of her sweet Korean spinach, “In case you didn’t know, this is an heirloom variety I brought from The Republic of South Korea many years ago. It has a wonderful flavor and none of the strong stick-to-the-teeth characteristics of your typical domestic spinach varieties. As we say in Korean, it is Mashta (Delicious)!

Saturday Vendor List

Penang Kitchen

Ultimate Souvlaki

Edgeworks Sharpening Service

La Vida Buena Nursery

Ridgeview Farms

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

EGB Farms

Parsons Homegrown

Daffodils, Dahlias, Lillies Oh My!

DeSantis Farms

Nature Spirits Garden

Orchard Farms

Foggy River Farm

First Light Farm


Berniers Farm

Branch & Brine

Offerings of the Land

Middleton Farms

Singing Frogs Farm

Armstrong Valley Farm

Williamson Farms

St Rose Winery

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm

Salmon Creek Ranch

Not Yer Mommas Granola

Franco’s One World Sausage

Williams Ranch

Two Rock Valley Cheese

Costeaux Bakery

John Ford Ranch

Pepper Ranch

The Black Sheep Farm

Stonehouse Olive Oil

Full Circle Bakery

Weirauch Ranch

Hue de Laroque

Owen Family Farm

Hilltop Honey

Damselfly Design

Green Grocer

Chef Henderson

California Coops

Sonoma Garden Designs

Mateo Granados Catering

JF Pottery

Royal Hare

Willow Designs

Victoria Kemp

Peter Bailey Jewelry

Earth Temple

Truths Dolls

Loralei’s Covers

Aroma Floral

Crumb Hither

Gandolf’s Fine Chocolates

Raymond’s Bakery

Mi Fiesta Catering

Water Horse Ridge

The Garden Wild

East West Gourmet

Dominique’s Sweets

GaGa Cafe

Mama Baretta

Bumble Bee Seafood

Run Around Brew

Lata’s Indian Cuisine