Winter at the market

This article is a great rundown of what’s going on at the market…

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Santa Rosa
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Certain farmers return to the Santa Rosa market at this time of year. Nancy Skall of Middleton Gardens in one: She is back, much to everyone’s delight, with onions, shallots, leeks, sunchokes, delicate Italian parsley, pears, extraordinary preserves and, now and then, some of the most delicious eggs you’ll ever taste. She’ll be at this market until the Healdsburg market opens in May.

Tierra Vegetables has returned, too, with an excellent selection of dried shell beans, along with root vegetables, winter greens and more, all organically grown. Canvas Ranch of Petaluma has a selection of dried beans, too, along with their own seasoning mix, lavender spray, lettuces and sturdy winter greens.

Other crops to watch for at this time of year include radishes, fennel, beets, winter squash, celery root, salsify, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, Romanesco, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts leeks, cabbages and potatoes. Earthworker Farm has miner’s lettuce and yacon, a delicious root vegetable from South America. Several vendors have persimmons and apples, there’s plenty of delicious citrus and one vendor, DeSantis Farms, has avocados.

Several meat and poultry vendors now attend weekly, some on Wednesdays and others on Saturdays. There’s chicken, duck, duck eggs, goat, lamb, pork, beef, handmade sausage, pate, bacon and pancetta. Santa Rosa Seafood often has a diverse selection of oysters and clams and they usually have fresh crab, as well, along with a large selection of fish and shellfish, most of which is not local. Some of the county’s best cheeses can be purchased at this market and Bellwether Farms has its delicious sheep’s milk yogurt here, too. There’s excellent butter from Spring Hill Farms.

There are raw fermented foods, like sauerkraut and courted from Wild Rose, and a variety of pickles and preserves from several vendors. Several farms are now producing their own hot sauces, too. I’m particularly fond of Jalapeño hot sauce from Triple T Farms. A few vendors have olive oil and a couple offer vinegar.

Triple T Farms also has fresh chicken on Saturdays. It’s not displayed; you need to ask for it. There are around a dozen chickens each week and it’s a good idea to get to the market early if you want to snag one.