Williamson Strawberries

Strawberry fields forever…..

Williamson Farms has strawberries almost all year long.

The farm, managed locally by family member Sheri Williamson, grows strawberries in San Diego, Ventura, and Monterey counties. The southern fields produce strawberries in December and January—a marvelous function of a subtropical climate—while the more northerly, coastal fields start months later, in spring, but remain in production almost through the year.

“At our southern farms, we have trouble when the temperatures get to just 80 or 85 degrees,” says Williamson, Temperatures don’t often climb so high in Monterey County, and they almost never hold there for days on end—which is perfect for a strawberry.

Erica is at the Saturday Santa Rosa Farmers Market.  Ask her which berries are in season

Contact Sheri Williamson for information about her strawberries