When it’s hot hot hot hot

When it’s hot hot hot hot come to the Wednesday market and stay cool.

Plenty of prepared foods to eat at the market and to take home. Santa Rosa Seafood has two great tuna salads, one on the sweet side and one with a spicy wasabi dressing. Crab cakes,crab cioppino, live and cooked lobsters not too mention the wonderful smoked salmon.

Full Circle Bakery has sweet buns, sticky buns and a kind-of pizza buns.
The Hummus Guy not only has hummus but salads, spreads. and olives. He has two flavors of chips too. And as a bonus at the Wednesday market it actually is the Hummus Guy.

Mi Fiesta has tamales and enchiladas, and beans, rice chips, salsas and tortillas. The fluffiest tamales you have ever had. Try one at the market you will be buying six packs to take home

Lata’s Indian Cuisine is fine dining at the market or great to take home.

Bring a bowl and you can make a great salad and the Olive Press is right there will the perfect oil.

It’s easy living at the Wednesday Santa Rosa Farmers Market