Wellness Fair at the Saturday July 20th Market




We like to think every farmers market is a wellness fair but this week is something very special


Varda Rosa (beautiful crocheted hats) also organizes Wellness Fairs.  It is a chance to meet and talk to holistic healers.   Thanks Varda.

This is a list for example only of the types of practitioners usually at the Fairs.

* Dr. Rich Shames, local expert on glands and hormones, will answer questions.
* Annie Osborn – acupuncturist and naturopath consultations.
* Dr. Cindy Zafis and Suzel Deer, RN will offer allergies and detoxification information and testing.
* Radiant Health Center – free stress survey and trigger point assessment.
* Phyllis Bala, doctor of indigenous medicine, teaches about the Medicine Wheel, an ancient tool acknowledging ancestral wisdom, elements of nature and its effects on body, mind, emotions and vital energy.
* Debora Farrington – Jin Shin Do acupressure for neck and shoulder release.
*Joanna Rebelgale – nutrition, Juice Plus+, and the Tower Garden – a vertical, aeroponic home gardening system.
* Terry Trapp – nutritional consultation.
*Maya Balenz – energy work and tapping.* Sheri – abdominal massage.
* Bodywork with Alvin and Raven.
* Melissa Weaver – quality health products.
*Joan Kramer and Linda Green – handwriting analysis.
*Mary Buckley – mini Feng Shui consultations and I Ching readings.
*Polarity therapist Amber Romandy w/the healing salon and clinic, info & free healing!
*Pollyanna Costa – intuitive astrological readings and dream exploration.
*April Blake – LED light therapy.
*Pilates Collective – postural assessment.
*Sandra – delightful aromatic candles.
*Katja – gorgeous ethnic wear!