Welcome the Windsor Green Grocer -fabulous farm market breakfasts

Welcome the Windsor Green Grocer.   The most amazing farmers market breakfasts.

On Wednesday morning, the Green Grocer, Joe Reuter, brings his crew and kitchen to the market.   Wonderful breakfasts of all sizes and shapes start showing up.  Vegan or a carnivore – there is something on the menu for you.  The Green Grocer takes the idea of eating locally very seriously.   The prices are good too!

From a KQED’s Bay areabites :  “Windsor Green Grocer North Bay locavores had been mentioning Windsor Green Grocer to me since it opened  Owner Joe Rueter and his wife are producing delicious prepared foods with a goal of using products from within a 150-mile radius, and doing an excellent job at it. While I am obsessively concerned with where food is coming from, it doesn’t register with me unless it actually tastes good too — and Windsor Green Grocer is achieving great flavors with local foods. ”

The Wednesday market gets better every week as seasonal vendors return.  The Sebastopol Berry Farm, The Patch , Country Rhodes (if you just can’t wait for a locally grown summer tomato), Redwood Empire Farm and apricots from Combs Ranch are all at the Wednesday market.   The  year-round produce people are the backbone of the mid-week market and they never disappoint.  Min-Hee Hill Gardens, Armstrong Valley Farm, Hector’s Honey, EGB fruit and nuts, DeSantis Farms.   You can get duck eggs and chicken eggs at the Wednesday market.  Salmon Creek brings their great selection of meat and duck and The Dreamcatcher Ranch (the home of the best bacon) is currently featuring lamb.  And there is more Full Circle Bakery , Waterhorse Ridge jams, chutneys and salsas.   And of course Mi Fiesta the home of the best ever tamale (they have a lot of other tasty items to make your mid-week dinner a piece of cake…or enchilada.)

There is more but you have to come to the Wednesday market to find out.