Wednesday — the market and November 14th is National Pickle Day


This Wednesday is also National Pickle Day.  It’s never to late to make pickles.  Although it is getting close to the end of cucumbers for the year.  Min Hee Gardens is down to the end of their great selection of cucumbers.   But pickles can be made from lots of different vegetables, green beans, onions, summer squash just to name a few.

The Wednesday market is a great place to meet up for coffee or more.  The Windsor Green Grocer serves up breakfast every Wednesday morning.   It’s all locally sourced and all so good.   The Green Grocer also sells cured pork products .

GaGa Cafe is there with the best coffee and you can buy the beans too.

Citrus and persimmons are back and DeSantis has a nice selection.  They also have avocados.

The Patch is still at the market probably until Thanksgiving but they have tomatoes, green beans, onions, peppers  — the most beautiful display of peppers in every color.

The Dreamcatcher Ranch brings a great selection of meat to the Wednesday market.   Currently they have beef, pork and goat.    Goat is a very healthy meat – low in fat.

Thank you Peter Staatz@p_staatz  Rt”@pantrycooking: My pickling mentor passes this Spicy Dill Pickles refrigerator recipe  easy refrigerator pickle recipes.