Wednesday September 10th Vendors List

Expect the unusual at the Wednesday market
Purple jalapenos from Farm Sinclair are just a start.
New this Wednesday Roland’s Bakery
Bagels and Bialys among other things
Smoked salmon from Fresh Off the Boat and great bagels!
Perfect with laychee cheese from Penny Royal Farm.  
All are at the Wednesday market

Armstrong Valley Farm
Bohemian Wellbeing
Dream Catcher Ranch
Farm Sinclair
Hector’s Honey
Navarro Vineyard
Penny Royal Farm
Ponce Farm
Ridgeview Farm
Schletewitz Family Farm
The Beet Generation
The Patch

Beach House Candles
Quillfully Yours
I’m Sew Sure

Franco’s One World Sausages
Fresh Off the Boat
Full Circle Bakery
Gaga Cafe
Mi Fiesta Catering
Roland’s Bakery
The Hummus Guy
Wine Country Chocolates
Green Grocer

Music by Hank Levine

Photo: Expect the unusual at the Wednesday market<br />
Purple jalapenos from Farm Sinclair are just a start.</p>
<p>Armstrong Valley Farm<br />
Bohemian Wellbeing<br />
Dream Catcher Ranch<br />
Farm Sinclair<br />
Hector's Honey<br />
Navarro Vineyard<br />
Penny Royal Farm<br />
Ponce Farm<br />
Ridgeview Farm<br />
Schletewitz Family Farm<br />
The Beet Generation<br />
The Patch</p>
<p>Beach House Candles<br />
Quillfully Yours<br />
I'm Sew Sure</p>
<p>Franco's One World Sausages<br />
Fresh Off the Boat<br />
Full Circle Bakery<br />
Gaga Cafe<br />
Mi Fiesta Catering<br />
Roland's Bakery<br />
The Hummus Guy<br />
Wine Country Chocolates<br />
Green Grocer</p>
<p>Music by Hank Levine