Wednesday October 25th Vendor List

Vendor List Wednesday October 26th
There is always something new to try at the Wednesday market
Welcome Golden State Pickle Works . Fabulous fermented foods made from ingredients from local farmers.
Tomorrow is going to be sunny but then some more rain (yay) Time to stock up for some great and easy rainy day dishes.
If you just want to snuggle by the fire – there are plenty of wonderful things for you to take home. At the most, all you have to do is heat and eat.
Anna’s Seafood has lobster cioppino smoked salmon, and two tuna salads.
Straus Organic Dairy Milk in glass returnable bottles, yougurt and ice cream. Bring your refrigerated bag.
The Hummus Guy has all kinds of hummus and chips but they also have salads and fresh baked pita bread.
Mi Fiesta has enchiladas, tamales, chili rellenos, chips, tortillas and lots of fresh salsas. They also have rice and beans
Min Hee Hill Gardens As well as wonderful seasonal produce, they also have wonderful pickles, kimchee and dried pepper blends.
Physis Foods is your must-stop for winter soups and stews. They have homemade stock that will make your 15-minute dinner taste like it’s been cooking for hours. Physis also has soup and individual pies.
Straus Family Organic Dairy
Queen Bee has wonderful granola and pastries.
Tierra Vegetables Great seasonal produce but also some pantry products designed to up your flavor quotient –a lot of chili pepper products. If you had to give up bacon check out the dried smoked onions. They also have dried beans and polenta.
Full Circle Bakery Come early for the best selection This bakery has great classic
California Cookie Company Really, really good cookies –lots of different ones and big enough to share
Franco’s One World Sausage – another great heat and eat item
there are lots of ez meals using sausage
Bohemian Well Being Farm is the best source for cultivated and foraged mushroom. We’ve had some rain so ask Mr. Kim if he has any porcini
Hector’s Honey seasonal honeys and great produce brought to you by bees. They have tomatillos, still tomatoes, garlic, new potatoes and more.
Ridgeview has apple, melons and great salad fixin’s.
Pepper Ranch – you can ask which came first the chicken or egg you can get both and they are good.
The Patch Still lots and lots of tomatoes, truly beautiful eggplant among other varieties of local produce
Schletewitz Family Farm pomegranates, persimmons, grapes an the very last of the summer fruit.
The Strudel Guy – sweet and savory
Future Eats Seasonal juices — Bring a container and get some for non-market days.
Sinful Fusion is on hand to prepare market breakfasts and Turkish Street food. Eat at the market — there is always music and a pleasant place to sit
Berkmans Spices – no matter what you want to cook-up they can help you do it. A nice of salt-free blends as well.
Eyrie Olive Oil Local Olive Oil. If you haven’ tried it, stop by for a taste. You’ll be surprised at the difference.
Not food but fun shopping Four Directions beautiful handcrafted jewelry many silver and turquoise pieces