Wednesday May 17th Vendor List

Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market
Published by Ellen Roberts · 22 mins ·
Wednesday May 17th Vendor List
So what’s going on today? There will be sausage grilling from Franco’s One World Sausage, Berkmans Spices and Eyrie Olive Oil are offering up an olive oil tasting.
Hector’s Honey has mulberries – wonderful but a very short season.
Bohemian Well Being Farm
Farm Sinclair
Hector’s Honey
Humble Roots
Schletewitz Farm
Ponce Farm
Tierra Vegetables
Anna’s Seafood
Berkmans Spices
Eyrie Olive Oil
Full Circle Bakery
Future Eats
Golden State Pickleworks
Mi Fiesta
Simply Strudel
Wardwood Creative Art
Sinful Fusion
Tuck Box