Wednesday Market Vendors List 1/9/19

Have you ever taken a Wednesday morning and gone up to the Farmers Market ? if you haven’t you really should, they have everything you need to get you through the week. You can get all your dairy needs from Straus Dairy, delicious Almonds from Heron Almonds , Beautiful Produce from Hector’s Ridgeview and Schelewitz Farms and to round of your meals with some bread and sausages from Franco One World Sausage and Full Circle Bakery. If you don’t feel like cooking tonight, get your Tamales or Enchiladas¬† and sides from Mi Fiesta, if you need a candle to brighten your dinner table Blink Candles is there for you and if looking for a special gift, Jungle Maiden has some beautiful Jewelry.

So when you get done shopping Sinful Fusion will have some lunch for you.

See you there!

and bring an Umbrella!!


Heron Almonds

Hector’s Honey

Ridgeview Farm

Schelewitz Farm

Sinful Fusion

Franco One World Sausage

Blink Candles

Full Circle Bakery

Jungle Maiden Mi Fiesta