The Wednesday Market – It’s like having a personal chef

The Wednesday Market – It’s like having a personal chef.

Too hot too busy maybe you like to eat but don’t like to cook.

Wouldn’t be great to have a personal chef? The Wednesday market makes that possible. You can get everything you need to feed you and your family good food fast.

Chefs include:

Zuppa Fresh soups from seasonal ingredients grown by the farmers at the market.

Penang Kitchen has a wide variety of dishes that lend themselves to
easy meals. Great noodle dishes can be a noodle salad in this hot weather.

Starting from Scratch has a big menu of big dishes. Ask the chef what they suggest.

Green Grocer’s seasonal menu has a lot for someone who likes good food but not the bother of cooking.

Mi Fiesta is one of the non-cook’s best friends. They have enchildas, tamales and chile rellenos packaged to go. Plus all kinds of extras that make even left-over night fun and interesting. Anything wrapped up in a fresh tortilla is automatically is better.

Fresh Girls are on hand with fresh juices. Buy it by the returnable jar -you can find the perfect blend! Ingredients -right from the market!

The Hummus Guy Hummus is a great dip but it is also a great ingredient. You can tzatziki sauce, harrisa and a few surprises all which help change up any meal.

Sweet tooth …not a problem
Full Circle Bakery, Roland’s Bakery and Wine Country Chocolates offer a great selection.

And of course start off your fabulous fast food meal with wine and cheese from Navarro Vineyards and Pennyroyal Farm

All it takes is shopping at the Wednesday market.