Wednesday June 21st Vendors List

Wednesday June 21 Vendors List
Happy Solstice and stay hydrated.
We are the perfect market to help you beat the heat.
Plenty of prepared food options –from tamales to pot pies and Anna’s always has some great seafood options too.
Plenty of convenience products to make cooking faster (and cooler) Physis Food has freshly prepared stocks from farm market ingredients.
Bohemian Well Being Farm
Farm Sinclair
Humble Roots
Ponce Farm
Schletewitz Farm
Sebastopol Berries
The Beet Generation
Tierra Vegetables
Anna’s Seafood
Berkmans Spices
Eyrie Olive Oil
Franco One World
Full Circle Bakery
Future Eats
Golden State Pickleworks
Gorgeous Gems & Jewelry
Mi Fiesta
Physis Foods
Queen Bee Bakery
Tuck Box Indian Food
Sinful Fusion Turkish Style Street Food