Wednesday July 13th Vendor List

The Wednesday market vendor list is a road map to slow food –FAST.
Wednesday only vendors include:
Physis Foods has a plethora of pantry supplies including stocks made from locally grown vegetables. You can also get a great cup of Taylor Maid coffee and wonderful savory and sweet mini-pies.
Tierra Vegetables always a wonderful array of seasonal vegetables but they also have a wide variety of chili pepper products and other items such as smoked onions -this could be the spot where you get all your secret ingredients
Ridgeview has wonderful lettuces, radishes, seasonal fruit and long-lasting bouquets.
Mi Fiesta and the Hummus Guy both have wonderful items that make meals traditional, local, good and fast.
Farmers and Ranchers
Beet Generation Farm
Bohemian Well Being Farm
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Pepper Ranch
Sebastopol Berry Farm
Tierra Vegetables
Hector’s Honey

Cooks and Crafts
Berkmans Spice
Eyrie Olive Oil
Four Directions
Full Circle Bakery
Future Eats
Mi Fiesta
Physis Foods

And from Sinful Fusion Turkish Food with a Sonoma Twist