Wednesday Farmer Market Vendor List

Happy Happy Hump Day!!!

Well it’s Wednesday again and it’s time to talk about the Wednesday Farmer’s Market.

Did you know that you can come to the Market on Wednesday and shop for all you produce, Dairy, Baked Goods and other amazing crafts at The Market and have lunch too….. Crazy right?! and did you know that we do Market Match’s, EBT Market Match, Go Local. Which mean’s you can maximize you dollars, if you’re wondering how you do that, just find the information booth and they will help you do that. If you have a “Go Local Card” bring that to the information booth and you will receive $2.00 and if you’reĀ  a Senior stop be that information booth also.

Have a great day at the market!!

Heron Almond’s
Hector’s Honey
Ridgeview Farm
Schelewitz Farm
Straus Family Dairy

Green Grocer
Sinful Fusion

Blink candles
Full Circle Bakery
I’m Sew Sure
Mi Fiesta