Wednesday December 21st Vendor List

Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market
12 mins ยท
Wednesday December 21st Happy Solstice! This is the Wednesday market vendor list. Gifts of all kinds for all kinds of people. Of course great edible gifts including vegan chocolates.
Woodward Art is here with lovely handcrafted jewelry. Celebrate the beginning of winter with a wonderful treat from Sinful Fusion and be sure to pick up some eggnog from Straus. It beats even the best family recipe -it’s organic and no fuss. The Strudel guys are here- they have both sweet and savory.
Bohemian Well Being Farm
Hector’s Honey
Humble Roots
Min Hee Hill Gardens
Straus Family Dairy
Tierra Farms
Anna’s Seafood
Franco One World
Full Circle Bakery
Mi Fiesta
Phi Kind Organic
Future Eats
Queen Bee Bakery
Wardwood Art
Berkmans spices
Strudel Guy
Sinful Fusion