Wednesday August 7th market: all the good stuff and no crowds

Ridgeview Farm is only at the Wednesday market.  If they were the only vendor it would be worth coming.     Known for the beautiful seasonal bouquets – right now Zinnias, they also have corn, melons, lettuces, french breakfast radishes.   Many heirloom varieties , always picked the peak of flavor.

Penny Royal Farm/Navarro Winery is another Wednesday only vendor.   They have a wide variety of vinegars, ver jus , wine and cheeses.  Their blue cheese is wonderful.

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm has the best selection of cultivated and foraged mushrooms any day of the week.    Full Circle Bakery has great breads and pastries.  Waterhorse Ridge has jams, jellies, condiments and other preserved fruit.   You can find a plain strawberry or grape jelly but it’s the combinations of flavors that will intrigue your palate.   Savory jars of things too — not too mention salsa that are downright hot.

Gaga Cafe and the Green Grocer are here for a great cup of coffee and one of the greatest BLT’s of all time — and that’s even when tomatoes are out of season.  Now they are beyond wonderful.

Hectors Honey

Armstrong Valley Farm

EGB Farm

The Patch

Sebastopol Berry Farm

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

Penny Royal Farm/Navarro Vineyards

Ridgeview Farm

Beet Generation Farm

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm

Leap Frog Greens

Dreamcatcher Ranch

Full Circle Bakery

Gaga Cafe

Waterhorse Ridge

My Comfort Zone

Viki Kemp

The Garden Wild

Cultural Element

Mi Fiesta Catering

Green Grocer