Wednesday August 6th Vendor List

Wednesday August 5th
Line-up for tomorrow:

Chocolate lovers market!
Two great candy makers are at the Wednesday market:: Grizzly Bear Sweets and Wine Country Chocolates. Grizzly Bear Sweets is toffee central— chocolate covered toffee with a variety of different nut toppings. The incredible toffee flavor in this candy is the kind that can only be achieved using the simplest, most grandpa-style ingredients, cooked slowly and hand stirred on a stovetop by a seasoned candy maker.

Country Chocolates has truffles and a wide variety of things to try. A great piece of chocolate and wonderful cup of coffee from Gaga Cafe and the musical styling of Hank Levine.   Now that’s a mid-week pick me up anyone can afford.

Music with Hank Levine

Fruits and Vegetables:
Armstrong Valley Farm
Beet Generation Farm
Bohemian Well-Being
Farm Sinclair
Hector’s Honey
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Ponce Farm
Ridgeview Farm
Schletewitz Family Farm
Sebastopol Berry Farm
The Patch

Meat and Fish:
Dream Catcher Ranch
Pepper Ranch Poultry
Fresh Off the Boat

Farm Fresh Eggs:
Armstrong Valley Farm
Hector’s Honey
Pepper Ranch

Prepared Foods:
Green Grocer
Mi Fiesta Catering

Specialty Food and Drink:
A Taste of Tea
Full Circle Bakery
Gaga Cafe
Grizzly Bear Sweets
The Hummus Guy
Wine Country Chocolates

Beach House Candles
Created by Vanae
I’m Sew Sure
Quillfully Yours
The Garden Wild
Victoria Kemp