Wednesday August 3rd Vendor List


Wednesday Market August 3rd
Sweet beauty the best watermelon ever is available from Ridgeview at the Wednesday market. It’s a small watermelon good for one or two servings. It is crisp and sweet and simply wonderful. Ridgeview also has a variety of other melons. You can tell they are ripe by the amazing aroma. They specialize in the smaller varieties.
There are tons of tomatoes, fresh onions, garlic, summer fruit.
Plenty of prepared food as well. Come on down and get a great tamale from Mi Fiesta – grab and go or enjoy the shaded food court. to see a full list of what’s in season.
The breakfast burrito makes it return from Sinful Fusion. It looks really good and can easily made to go.
Vendor List
Beet Generation
Hector’s Honey
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Sebastopol Berry Farm
Tierra Vegetables
The Patch
Cooks and Crafts
Berkmans Spices
Full Circle Bakery
Future Eats
Franco One World Sausage
Physis Foods
The Hummus Guy
Mi Fiesta
Sinful Fusion Farm market breakfasts and Turkish Street Food