Wednesday August 13th Vendors List

The Wednesday market is a pop-up community:
A great coffee shop Gaga Cafe; one of the best farm to table chefs in the county — the Green Grocer; pastries from Full Circle and live music from Hank Levine.

Of course our two block neighborhood has some great shopping

Our produce people have a great array of Sonoma grown produce just picked. Tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh onions, berries of all kinds, peppers, melons, lettuce, greens, potatoes, and Min Hee might have some corn…and so much more.

You can also buy beautiful, clever cards using the art of quilling..usually get to see a demonstration as well. You can get your knives sharpened, buy a really cool shirt, find the perfect scented candle and more.

Meat, fish, eggs, cheese, wonderful teas, bottled grape juices and more.

There is now a whole lot more the Wednesday market.

Hank Levine is our market musician

Armstrong Valley Farm
Bohemian Well-Being Farm
Farm Sinclair
Hector’s Honey
Ponce Farms
Ridgeview Farm
Schletewitz Family Farm
Sebastopol Berry Farm
The Beet Generation Farm
The Patch

Dream Catcher Ranch
Fresh Off the Boat
Penny Royal Farm
Pepper Ranch Poultry

A Taste of Tea
Gaga Cafe
Navarro Vineyards

Bakery/Sweets and more:
Full Circle Bakery
The Hummus Guy
Wine Country Chocolates

Prepared Foods:
Green Grocer

Artisans and Services:
AD EdgeWorks Sharpening Services
Beach House Candles
I’m Sew Sure
Quillfully Yours
The Garden Wild
Victoria Kemp