Wedneday’s market is a produce power house

The rain and now warm weather means lots of beautiful greens at the market. And if you want to save some tomatoes for a rainy winter time most vendors have a good deal on case prices.

The easiest way to save tomatoes is wash them and stick them in a freezer bag. When you want to use them – just pop them into your favorite soup, stew or sauce recipe. They retain that fresh tomato flavor.

There is a great selection of produce at the Wednesday market:
MinHee Hill Gardens, Hectors Honey, Armstrong Valley Farm, The Patch, Ponce Farm, Beet Generation, Ridgeview Farm, Farm Sinclair,Sebastopol Berry Farm and Bohemian Well Being Farm.

Eleven different produce vendors with everything from soup greens to nuts.

Freezing Raw Tomatoes with and without Skins, from Cook it Quick, UNL Extension | UNL Food |…
It is possible to quickly freeze raw tomatoes without blanching them first. They may be frozen without their skins or frozen whole with their skins. Frozen tomatoes