Vendors in the News

The prepared food vendors get a very nice mention in the Press Democrat..

“…farmers markets are also increasingly a resource for pantry items and prepared foods, from oils, vinegars and spice blends to handmade sauces, jams, jellies, hot sauces and all manner of baked goods.

The Santa Rosa Original Farmers Market has a huge array of these products and now, when summer produce is at its peak and fall produce is starting, seems like a good time to focus on them. I haven’t paid a huge amount of attention to this element of the market primarily because I’m such an advocate of making everything from scratch. But we all stock our pantries with essentials that we don’t and realistically can’t make, there’s nothing like a homemade pie or scone made by someone else and sometimes we need healthy short cuts. Let’s talk a look at what’s available.
There are two primary olive oil vendors in this market, The Olive Press, located in Sonoma, and Stonehouse California Olive Oil, with groves in Oroville, near Chico. Vinegars are from Vivo Vinegar, which produces excellent varietal vinegars using the French Orleans method, and Bruno’s, which specializes in red wine vinegar. Kimberly Cook-Fallon’s Cook’s Spices–primarily her own spice blends, with single spices also available–is doing really well; she sources great ingredients and uses as many organic herbs and spices as she can find.
Peppahead features their huge array of sauces, like Mighty Red, Johannesburg Red, Chile Loco and Trauma. The company is based in San Rafael but ingredients are not sourced locally, which matters a great deal to some shoppers and not at all to others.
The Hummus Guy is a regular, too, with traditional hummus and several not traditional blends, including artichoke hummus, cilantro and jalapeno hummus and several others. The company also has tzatziki, tapenade, pita chips, pita bread and couscous salad. Again, the ingredients in these products aren’t necessarily local.
Pat Hicks of Just Like Grandma’s makes wonderful condiments, including orange-carrot marmalade, strawberry jam and a yummy hot pepper jelly, which all have a homey, Midwest comfortableness about them, just like the label promises.
Sabrina Kahn of Penngrove makes delicious jams and jellies using fruit from the market and sells them under the label Blue Moon.