Vegan Snacks for the Big Game Bolani

From Chowhound
“..sometimes, it’s like hitting a vegan food jackpot – like the bolanis and sauces from East and West Gourmet Afghan Food.
Bolani is a traditional Afghani thin flatbread stuffed with either spinach, potato, lentil or pumpkin and baked. Even though it’s low-fat, low-cal and low-carb, it’s very tasty as well as filling. One serving of the spinach bolani is just 103 calories.
Top with any one or a combination of their many sauces and spreads for a delicious layering of flavors. For the spreads, I got the Lentil Curry and Cilantro Pesto. The curry is not really spicy hot but it’s got plenty of taste. The pesto is also very nice and light as it’s made without any oil.

Available at numerous farmers markets throughout Northern California and a few in Southern California, they’re very generous with their samples. They’ll just keep handing you sample after sample after sample. The only item that isn’t vegan is the Garlic Mint Cheese, but it is vegetarian.”

And from Davis, California
The most addictive thing to come out of Afghanistan since opium. Bolani means “filled bread” in Farsi. It is a thin flat-bread baked with vegetables in them. They are low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat, and low-sodium; but they are nutritionally dense and sustainable and can be served as a whole meal in itself. Best of all, they are deliciously addictive.
In the US, East & West Gourmet Afghan Food is the only trademarked manufacturer

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