Valley End Farm, Organic Produce

Valley End Farm
Organic Produce
Saurday Santa Rosa Farmers Market

“Valley End Farm

Since 1996, Valley End Farm has proudly been supplying Sonoma County and California with our certified organic produce. We strive to provide produce that is the best that it can be. That means we grow it sustainably, caring for the environment. All of our produce is grown organically. We are dual third party certified organic by both CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) and the USDA to insure the proper organic safeguards for you. All of our produce is hand picked to insure the best quality and proper ripeness for you our customers.Our mission at Valley End Farm is to supply our customers with the best that we can possibly provide in both quality and flavor. Our certified organic produce is free from unsafe chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. Ultimately, we are guaranteeing that you, our customer, will enjoy flavorful, healthy produce that is sustainably grown and fortifying to your body.”