Vacation! Staycation! The market should be on your tour.



Take the only walking- tour of the seasonal tastes of Sonoma County.  It’s entirely self-guided.  It happens every week.     If you are looking for Sonoma grown and prepared foods, the Saturday market is the place to be.   It is the largest and most diverse selection of produce grown in Sonoma County.    There is everything you are familiar with and things you’ve probably  never seen before.

Our farmers grow for flavor – not how well the vegetable or fruit ships.     Much of the produce is grown from heritage seeds.   The farmers can name names – it’s not just lettuce and you can find the perfect one for whatever recipe you are using.

All our ranchers together make up best butcher shop in Sonoma County.  As well as locally raised beef, lamb, pork and chicken, there is also goat, rabbit and duck.    Seafood at the market is seasonal and local.

The market is also home to a lot of great bakers.    Costeaux,Full Circle and Raymonds have  every bread you can think of…and a lot of sweet things too.   On the sweet side, Dominique and Crumb Hither have the pies ,cakes, some cookies too of all sizes and flavors.   Mama Baretta’s baked goods are gluten free.

Our cheese/dairy trail just got a little bigger.  Two Rock, aged goat cheeses and you got to try the brie, Weirauch Creamery, organic farmstead raw aged cow and sheep cheeses , and joining them this weekend is Bellwether Farms, a pioneer in the artisan cheese business and bringing yogurts, creme fraiche  “Our sheep’s milk yogurt is sweeter than goat’s milk, tastier than soy and richer than cow’s milk! Made with naturally homogenized sheep milk, our yogurt contains no antibiotics or growth hormones. For an added benefit, sheep milk could be the answer for those who are lactose intolerant. The highest quality milk deserves the highest quality fruit.”

There is music and local artisans and wonderful places to sit and enjoy the food of our great chefs.   We have the most amazing food court!   Are you part of that group where everyone wants to go a different place?  The market is the spot.  There is something for everyone.

Shopping for your own Memorial Day party is fun and easy at the market.

The first blue berries are here from Stokes Family Farm, and strawberries are popping up from lots of different farms. ….lots of varieties.

Manager’s pick for the week  The Granola Parfait  – farm fresh yogurt from Bellwether Farms, Granola from Not Your Mama’s and Blue Berries from Stokes Farm.

While we can’t claim EGB and DeSantis as Sonoma Grown, we can say say they are  from near-by and have wonderful and some unusual varieties of fruits and nuts.    Cherries, apricots, peaches and nectarines – they offer samples so you can find the variety that is perfect for you.  DeSantis has mulberries purple and white, green almonds,