Two Rock Valley Cheese

via chowhound a review of the cheeses
I had a chance to sample a new producer’s goat cheese. Branded “Two Rock Valley”, the raw milk hard cheese made by DeBernardi Dairy outside Petaluma is sold in a young version or aged for more than 12 months. The milk is from their own herd and they’ve just started selling commercially this summer at a few farmers markets in Sonoma County. When queried, the owners said the style is modeled after the types of cheeses in the husband’s Swiss-Italian homeland.

I tried both the young and the aged version. The aged version is somewhat dry and suited to grating. It has a sharper, saltier taste. I liked the smoother texture, similar to Gruyere, of the young version better for a table cheese. It has a grassy, nutty character with good depth and reminded me somewhat of Tomme de Savoie.

DeBernardi Dairy
7955 Valley Ford Road # B
Petaluma , CA 94952 – 9602

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