Once you try farmers market carrots you’ll never go back to supermarket carrots


Your opinion of carrots will change dramatically when you eat fresh carrots from the farmers market.   There is a massive taste differences between supermarket carrots and farm fresh carrots.? It is  like  two entirely different vegetables: one the watery, bland, orange fake baby vegetable;  the other sweet, sugary carrots, in varying sizes, with a taste akin to candy.    If you want to convince someone that there is a difference — give them a bouquet of carrots from the market.

Fresh carrots, in season and straight from the farmer should consistently taste like sweet treats.  There’s no need for ranch dressing to liven these veggies up.  And there’s no need for all of the carrots to look the same, or even be the same color.   You will love the rainbow of colors, gnarly, vibrant, and foot-long carrots equally.

Carrots are available all year round, but the true season is October – March.

Tom Noble from Armstrong Valley Farm always has wonderful carrots.  Right now he has purple carrots with an orange center.   Armstrong Valley Farm is a year round vendor at both the Wednesday and Saturday markets.