There’s lots to love at the market this time of year

Grocery stores can’t compete with the farmers market for freshness,price, taste and variety. It’s a myth the market is more expensive.

The market is a great place to try something new -ask the vendor for cooking suggetions.

Did you ever eat a raw onion as sweet as an apple? This is the time to try, as the season for fresh onions begins. Fresh onions look almost like the more durable storage onions, with similar colors and sizes, yet they have opposite seasons and different characteristics. Certain fresh onions (producers sometimes call them designer onions), are particularly known for their mild, even sugary taste. These onions contain more sugars and fewer sulfur-containing compounds than other onions do.

Vendors with onions – many different varieties– include: Armstrong Valley Farm, Triple T, Ortiz Bros., Singing Frog, and Bernier Farm.

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