The Wednesday market can be very entertaining

Tom Noble, Armstrong Valley Farm, is a great reason to come to Wednesday market.   He’s always got a big smile even when it’s raining.  The Wednesday market is  time to get to know the farmers and ranchers .  Tom is wonderful farm-to-table cook.  Ask him what he’s been eating.  Tom’s puckish sense of humor shines through when he brings various vegetable oddities to the market.

Last week he brought a very large carrot pictured here and a he also has lemons that look like they are giving birth to either an alien to a Buddha’s hand.

Hey this is Northern California — you all have boots and rain coats.  If this were winter you wouldn’t even notice it was raining.

Easy parking and a great collection of farmers and ranchers.   Eggs, mushrooms, cheese, prepared foods, breads, fruit, plants for your garden, a great array of produce, poultry, meat and seafood.