The secret to great fruitcake DeSantis Farms

You can make the best ever fruitcake.
The secret is the great ingredients. DeSantis Farms Wed and Sat market is Lambert’s go to vendor.

“Is it worth it? Yes— even if it’s just once in your lifetime, it’s worth it. This fruitcake rocked my world. The…precious loaf comes looking like a present from heaven, and smells divine. I undressed it like a lover. The flavor? Exotically interesting, distinctive—a whole different fruitcake experience. It’s delicious and one of a kind… One time in your life you must try this fruitcake.”

Isabelle, at fruitcake blog

“…an artisan cake that gives the dessert a gourmet pedigree…a treat that even the most fruitcake-averse foodie would love.”

Charles Passey, The Wall Street Journal

These superb fruitcakes are based on the ones my English grandmother made at the family farm in northern Wisconsin 50 years ago. I’ve replaced much of the candied fruit with my own exotic home-candied citrus peels and young ginger. Flawless fruits and nuts from small California farms complete the task of creating cakes that vanquish forever fruitcake’s bad reputation! Each is aged for flavor as my grandmother’s were, wrapped in cheesecloth, tied with linen string and doused with good liquor. They are topped with fresh bay leaf & citrus peel star, then sealed in a cellophane bag with my logo.

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From Chowhound Robert Lambert who makes very expensive jams also makes very expensive fruitcakes, but God are they good. Only had the dark, not the white.

Robert Lambert describes the secret to his fruitcake in this Youtube video

Lambert makes a full line of gourmet condiments and many are based on DeSantis Farms products.