The Peach Farm Winters, California Tomatoes too!

The Peach Farm is amazing
. (from a chowhound post)

There were varieties I’ve never seen before … a Granny Smith TOMATO that made me do a double take because the coloring was so similar to the apple.

Not only does it look like the apple, it has the same crisp texture and type of juiciness of the apple. A tiny ivory tomato with a blush of pink was sugary sweet and a small almost black tomato had deep tomato flavor with a spiciness to it.

There were a few web metions that the melons from this farm were outstanding too, especially the haogen. The site below says …

“Translates in Hebrew as “the anchor.” This melon is very popular and often associated with Israel, however it originated in Hungary … Superbly sweet, spicy green flesh.”

Info pieced together from Google … the owner is Ed George who owns an 80 acre farm in Winters, California, with 25 acres devoted to the tomatoes, most heirlooms … there are four varieties of brandy wine alone.

The vines are staked to keep the tomatoes clean and insect-free. They use drip irrigation to prevent the leaves from burning in the hot sun.

The Peach Farm
708 Hemenway St.
Winters, CA 95694
(530) 795-0360
Ed George