The importance of farmers markets and Food Inc the movie

Paula Downing, Santa Rosa Market Manager, is part of a panel following the opening of Food Inc at the Rialto, Friday June 19th. Please visit the website for additional information.

Bite Club
of the Press Democrat has full information on the panel

Food Inc.’s website had a trailer and additional information about the film produced by the same folks who brought us The Al Gore film The Inconvenient Truth.

“If what we eat is produced in inhumane, unethical ways that strip the food of its nutrition, how does it then nourish our bodies and souls?
Food Inc. rends the veil of secrecy that hides the ugly part of America’s food supply from consumers. It’s like that cliche, “You don’t want to see how sausages are made..” Or your chicken sandwiches, or beef. Or anything made with corn–which is just about everything we consume.
Food Inc. shows how our food is the end product of a highly mechanized system, where workers are expendable, where 80% of the production of our meat is in the hands of four major companies, where chicken farmers are simply sharecroppers raising leased chicks for slaughter, where the rise of eColi can be directly traced to poor handling of meat and the overfeeding of animals with corn.”

“There are benefits to the current system; as Pollan points out , Americans spend less than nine percent of their income on food — less than any other people in history. But, he adds, the benefits have come “at an exorbitant cost, because the system depends on cheap fossil fuel to work. The system depends antibiotics to work. The system depends on abuse animals to work. And if people want to pay those costs for cheap food, that’s great, but let’s tell them about the costs first.”

Food Inc can help to raise awareness but it is up to each of us to make our food dollars work to change the system to provide better, safer food for all of us.
Farmers markets are a key ingredient in achieving that goal.