The best butcher shop in Sonoma County

The best butcher shop in Sonoma County is the Saturday morning market at Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.    Before 2009, it was rare to find a small meat producer selling at farmers market.   Now the market has the best choices in the county.    Meat vendors are not certified by a county agriculture Department but  Santa Rosa Farmers Market requires its ranchers to produce the meat they sell.

It’s the beginning of Summer and lots of grilling will be going on.  Our ranchers are happy to get special orders.

Black Sheep Farm, Potter Valley: Pork, lard (occasionally), beef.

Dream Catcher Ranch, Orland: Goat, lamb, pork, bison, beef.    Wednesday market

John Ford Ranch, Willits: Beef (both grass-fed and grain-finished) (and delicious hot dogs!)
Owen Family Farm, Hopland: Lamb, goat, veal, beef.

Oz Family Farm , Alexander Valley, rabbit

Pepper Ranch, Petaluma , organic chicken and eggs

Salmon Creek Ranch, Bodega, Duck, duck eggs, duck fat, goat, beef
Williams Ranches, Sebastopol: Lamb, goat.

And not a rancher but a great chef, Franco’s One World Sausage Company.  all kinds of sausages and pancetta too.



When we say the best, we aren’t just bragging!  Here’s what food critic Heather Irwin has to say about Pepper Ranch Poultry.

From the Press Democrat, Bite Club

“Snobby gastronomes have this thing they love to do. No matter what you’re eating, they sniff their nose, roll their eyes and say, “This isn’t really what (insert food product) tastes like. I’ve had the real (food product) in (insert some snobby restaurant or country) and that is what (food product) TRULY tastes like.”

I hate that. Except that I’m about to do it to you.

Pepper Ranch Poultry is a tiny start-up chicken ranch in Petaluma and their American Heritage chickens are the tastiest chickens I’ve ever had. Michele Anna Jordan likes them too. As do a growing number of area chefs.”