The Beet Generation

Welcome the Beet Generation to the Wed and Saturday markets

Beautiful produce grown with great care

“Beet Generation Farm is owned and operated by Libby Batzel and Ali Levesque. Our life purpose is personal health and inner vitality. In a culture filled with hormonally charged, chemically poisoned, supplement junkies, we recognize our current food system is flooded with toxic pesticides, synthetic hormones, genetically modified organisms, large industrial operations, and over-processed, over-salted and over-sweetened products. These types of foods do not create health for humans or for our environment. Making mindful choices about what we eat allows us to become nutritionally balanced, consciously cared for, wholesome human beings. This is our life goal and the inspiration for Beet Generation Farm.

In the past three years we have partnered with three very different organically-operated farms of different size, structure and business strategy. This broad foundation of experience and knowledge has allowed us to develop an operation that we believe is best for the land, the food, and us. In 2011, we are very excited to be farming independently on 2.5 acres in south Sebastopol and another ½ acre in east Rincon Valley. With a strong community of amazing friends and family, we are privileged to run a farm full of fun, health and wellbeing. Our farmland is a place of awareness and careful concern for the connection of all life involved in the creation of what we eat.”