Saturday is the biggest and most diverse farmers market in Sonoma County.  If it grows in Sonoma County you can find it at the Saturday market.     This Saturday, July 20th the market is featuring a wellness fair.   Get up to date on what you need for a happier healthier you.   Well Fargo Center for the Arts  North Parking Lot  8:30 – 1 pm

Wednesday used to be a tiny (but mighty)  market but not anymore.   It’s more than doubled in size in the last few months and now has cheese, vinegars, wine, micro greens, and beautiful seasonal bouquets.    Luther Burbank Center for the Arts  North Parking Lot  8:30 -noon

Thursday is a tiny, tiny market for the summer only. It is also in a different location   Special Summer Market at the WIC Parking Lot (across from the side door of JC Penney’s in Coddingtown)   1450 Guerneville Road

The Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market works with the WIC program to help ensure everyone has access to the abundance that comes from here.     Although the primary purpose is to serve WIC clients, the market is open to everyone and if you are looking for fruits and vegetables on Thursday   9- one  this is the place  both the Patch , EGB and Hector’s Honey are there and you can get a great cup of coffee from Gaga Cafe.   This year The Dreamcatcher Ranch is a regular at the Thursday market – locally raised meat, great prices!   WIC Parking Lot (across from the side door of JC Penney’s in Coddingtown)   1450 Guerneville Road   9am-1pm  



Garden Massage has joined the Wednesday line-up and the chair massage is perfect for a quick fix in the middle of the week.

After your massage – the best BLT ever from The Green Grocer or pick up the supplies to make it at home. Tomatoes- Parsons Homegrown, bread- from Full Circle Bakery, and your choice of lettuce depending upon what you like our farmers have a lot of different lettuce varieties. The Dreamcatcher Ranch has a bunch of different kinds of bacon – sliced thick or thin and with and without nitrates and some different cures.

Do some leisurely shopping for Mom. Willow Design has beautiful bracelets made by recycling silverware. The Garden Wild has handcrafted soaps and lotion. The scents are wonderful. If your Mom is a foodie check out the jams from Waterhorse Ridge. It’s the combination of flavors that really stand out. She has sweet and savory and new things all the time. These are the ingredients that become the base of your soon-to-be-famous BBQ sauce.

Our farmers bring the best selection of Sonoma-grown fruit and vegetables. Even though the Wednesday market is smaller, the variety of produce is still excellent and it’s all local.

This week Edgework Knife Sharpening is at the Wednesday market. Your Mom would love you best if you got her knives and garden tools sharpened.

Duck eggs at the Wednesday market too.

Wednesday Vendor List:

Hectors Honey
Min-Hee Hill Garden
Bohemian Wellbeing
Armstrong Valley Farm
Sinclair Farm
Salmon Creek Ranch
Parsons HomeGrown
Full Circle Bakery
Gaga Cafe
Waterhorse Ridge
Local Spicery
Comfort Zone
Willow Designs
Massage Garden
Mi Fiesta Catering
Edgeworks Sharpening Services
The Garden Wild
Penang Kitchen
Green Grocer


There is no better place to celebrate National Salad Day then the Wednesday market. (May is national salad month) A wonderful selection of Sonoma grown produce and plenty of fixins’ to add to your salad bowl.

Spring is lettuce season and our Wednesday farmers have a wonderful selection. You can find the perfect lettuce for sandwiches, salad bowls or even for wraps. Some lettuces can even be sauteed.

The Wednesday market has wonderful offerings for a great market meal. The Green Grocer makes magic on a plate (real china) for a wonderful farm market breakfast. If you want something that shows of Sonoma County, you cannot do better than the Green Grocer (described as the love child of the French Laundry and Whole Foods) Everything served by the Green Grocer is sourced within 150 miles but most of it comes from the market that morning.

People are always complaining about the lack of street food – Penang Kitchen is at the Wednesday market serving Malaysian Street food, considered by some to be among the finest in the world. It’s a wonderful blend of spices some dishes have a bit of heat. They have vegetarian options. The potato curry should be on everyone’s list to try.

Mi Fiesta serves up one of the great, fast and cheap lunches. You can get a tamale with the works (your choices of salsas and other toppings) for $3.00. And of course they have lots of choices to take home enchildas, tamales, salsas, and their new line of individual dinners.

If you love the bouquets from Ridgeview Farm, then you have to come to the Wednesday market. During the summer, Ridgeview is only at the Wednesday market.

Wednesday Vendor List

Local Spicery freshly milled in the quantities you need

GaGa Cafe coffee by the cup or bag

Willow Design Wonderful jewelry designs and clever uses of old silverware

The Garden Wild Handcrafted soaps many from ingredients found at the market

Full Circle Bakery Amazing breads straight from the bakery – the garlic cheese is so good you have to buy two loaves so you get home with one

Water Horse Ridge Jams and condiments all locally sourced combinations to make your toast sing

Comfort Zone Pillows and more that can be heated or cooled good for when you’ve over-done it.

Min-Hee Hill Gardens Lettuces of all kinds and many heirloom varieties of greens. Vegetable and herb starts including tomato plants

Armstrong Valley Farm Local citrus, asparagus, flowering kale and iceberg lettuce an eclectic mix of produce, fruit and eggs.

Hector’s Honey Honey and Bees Wax Products, eggs, garlic,potatoes, spaghetti squash, chili peppers

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm Mushrooms cultivated, foraged, fresh and dried

The Dreamcatcher Catcher Ranch Ask about their meat CSA especially their breakfast box

Green Grocer The food they make at the market is amazing did you know you can buy the cured pork products to take home

Penang Kitchen On Wednesday only they have potato curry. Don’t miss it. Seriously.

Mi Fiesta Still the best fast food! You can’t beat the tamale but for something a little more substantial and almost as fast – they have a single serving (generous) plate that is easy to heat. Proving you don’t have to give up taste for convenience.

Rdigeview Farm Beautiful seasonal flowers and wonderful seasonal fruit and vegetables

Parsons Homegrown the tastiest tomato you can get this time of year and grown less then three miles from Luther Burbank Center for the Arts

1st and 3rd Wednesday Salmon Creek Ranch and Edgeworks Knife Sharpening

All of this is Sonoma grown produce and available at the Wednesday market



Today marks the beginning of the season of the best-ever-winter tomato grown anywhere.    They are never refrigerated and taste remarkably like a summer tomato grown here.  Kelley Parson’s greenhouse is less then three miles from Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.

Wednesday and Saturday markets



Winter Root Soup

Chef Jennifer Una

2013-01-20 09.52.22

Chef  Una used white beets from Min Hee Hill Gardens.   Min Hee is at both the Wednesday and Saturday market.





Merry Christmas – Open December 26th

Merry Christmas to the entire market community.  The market will be open Wednesday December 26th, rain or shine.   It’s a great place to bring out of towners for a taste of Sonoma.

Our vendors are water-proof!





Hector’s Honey is a Sonoma County treasure.  That’s what his customers think

Wednesday and Saturday markets year round.   2794 Fulton Rd Fulton CA 95439. 707.579.9416  or 707.328.1813

Besides honey, Hector and his wife Sandra grow a variety of produce and sell year round at the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market.  They attend both the Wednesday and Saturday Markets.

The gallery of photos feature some from Hector’s farm as well as his stand at the market.  You can see Armenian cucumbers on the vine.  Hector frequently has nopales at his stand as well.   Hector has a flock of Araucuna chickens which lay pastel eggs.

Hector has tomatillos but not just any tomatillos.   From Chowhound

“Here’s my old post on coming across tomatillo milpero for the first time at a farmstand in Salinas. It has a photo so you can see the size difference with regular tomatillos.
The ones from Hector’s were a little larger than those, almost an inch in diameter. The flavor is more concentrated, and since I pan roast them on the stove top, I think the increased surface to volume ratio picks up more smoky notes too. They taste riper and fuller to me with an acidity that is less biting.”

Hector’s seasonal produce and fruit are grown less than three miles from the market — now that’s eating local.


From Sonoma Picnics

Notes and Quotes from Sonoma County Beekeepers:

An Interview with Hector Alvarez

by Jack Burton

Hector’s Apiaries Services

Pollination – Honey – Beeswax – Candles – Pollen

707-579-9416 Santa Rosa

Hector in the spring is busy checking on all his hives. He feels the weight of each hive, judging how much honey the bees still have left from the last season. If a hive seems light, he will feed that hive’s bees with honey to give them a good start for the coming months’ work.

In early spring, the hives are placed in almond, prune and apple orchards to pollinate the trees in bloom.

By April, they go to the flower garden that will produce the distinctive honeys Hector and his family sell throughout the county. The Healdsburg Farmers Market is a good place to find them Saturday mornings and Tuesday afternoons throughout the long market season.

April is also the time for splitting the hives, and Hector raises all his own queen bees to regenerate new colonies from healthy, active, seasoned ones.

The health of his bees is foremost on Hector’s mind when he plans the seasonal placements of his hives. He only chooses places free of pesticide and chemical spraying.

It is good to know that your honey and bee products are coming from bees happy this spring in their wildflowers, blackberries and star thistle.



Sage and Honey Citrus Syrup

Chef Jack Burton

Gently boil for one minute:

1 C Sage honey

1/4 C Lemon juice

6 Fresh sage leaves

Remove from the heat and steep.

Strain and use as a condiment with fruit,

cakes, cheeses, breads, what-have-you.




It’s summer time and the shopping is easy.   The parking is free and easy too.  And of course we think we have the most beautiful location.  Come have breakfast, sit a spell and then check out the abundance at the market.  We have berries of all kinds, the first apples- gravensteins, tomatoes, cucumbers and CORN.  Laguna Farm has corn.  Nothing says summer like corn on the cob.  How about pink lemons from DeSantis perfect for pink lemonade.

Every where you turn the abundance of Sonoma County is on display.   We’ve welcomed some new vendors too — the Cosmic Cookie- Gluten Free Bakery  the best gluten free bagel period and  Alive and Healing, which has handcrafted tempeh.  We welcome back Walker Ranch for the apple season.

You can have pizza for breakfast– and not just any pizza.  Pizza from Rosso possibly the best pizza ever.  They even have a breakfast version.





Brand new at the Wednesday market is Highland Chocolates — chocolate bars and more….but you get a second chance at the Thursday market, Special Summer Market at the WIC Parking Lot (across from the side door of JC Penney’s in Coddingtown)   1450 Guerneville Road.     9 – 1 .   Breakfast with Green Grocer and learn to make summer salsa at the chef’s demonstration.


Chef Eichhold’s Summer Salsa with Variations

2 Tbs. veg oil
1 small onion or 2 scallions
2 tsp. ginger (optional)
1 tsp.garlic
2 peaches or nectarines
2 plums or apricots
3/4 cup cucumber or jicama
juice of 1 small orange, or 2 limes or 1 lg. lemon or apple cider  vinegar

   1 small red (or green or yellow) pepper
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. black pepper
1 jalapeno pepper
2 tsp. mint
2 Tbs. cilantro

dice, mix, serve