Salmon Creek Ranch is at the market on 1st and 3rd and of course every Saturday.   Duck eggs are back!   Spring is when duck eggs are most available.

Other farmers and ranchers at the Wednesday market:

Hectors Honey
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Armstrong Valley Farm
Bohemian Wellbeing Farm
Salmon Creek Ranch
Dreamcatcher Ranch
Full Circle Bakery
GaGa Café
The Garden Wild
Willow Designs
Comfort Zone
Green Grocer
Parsons Homegrown
Edgeworks Sharpening Services
Water Horse Ridge


Duck eggs differ from chicken eggs in a few ways. Duck eggs have a higher fat content and also contain more albumen (the protein in the white). This higher fat and more albumen give duck eggs more structure which creates greater loft when baking. For this reason many bakers choose to use duck eggs for their breads, etc.

You can get your hands on some fresh duck eggs st the Wednesday market.  Ducks generally only lay in the spring, so this is when you should look for them. There are some varieties that lay all year, though. Duck eggs make baked items so much fluffier than chicken eggs, you will be amazed. You substitute one duck egg per chicken egg in the recipe, even though the duck eggs are bigger.


Duck eggs work best in baked goods like cinnamon buns and cakes. Duck eggs make waffles really fluffy, too. A duck egg yolk has more fat than a chicken egg and it’s white has more protein. This means the white builds a loftier structure when whipped and the extra fat makes the baked good richer. Fluffier and richer? Um, yeah! This, my friend, is how old farm ladies win state fair baking competitions.

They also have a longer shelf life because their shells are so much thicker. They are also a good addition to gluten free baking—what your baked good loses in structure by omitting gluten can be partially gained back with the denser albumen (egg white protein).



Cooking with duck eggs from New Agarian

Cooking with duck eggs doesn’t call for a major revision in technique. But there are differences: the yolks of duck eggs have more fat and the whites more protein than those of chicken eggs, and you need to take these differences into account when cooking. Somewhat gentler cooking is the key.

Hard cooking or hard boiling

Hard-cooked duck eggs are just like hard-cooked chicken eggs, only a bit richer. Because of the extra protein in the white, it is especially important not to overcook them.

To hard-cook duck eggs, place them in a pot, cover them with cold water, and bring to a boil over high heat. As soon as the water boils, remove the pot from the heat and let stand 12 minutes for large eggs. (Medium eggs should sit a minute less, jumbos a minute more.) Drain the eggs and shake the pan vigorously to crack the shells; this lets them cool faster and prevents overcooking. Cover with cold water (I add a few ice cubes) and let cool. Once cool, you can peel them. If you don’t eat them immediately, store them in a bowl in the refrigerator, covered with water.

This method — which does not involve boiling the eggs at all, hence my borrowing Julia Child’s term “hard cooked” — gives tender whites, fully-cooked yolks with no greenish tinge, and no sulfury smell. Not to mention it is incredibly easy, so long as you don’t go off and forget them on the stove.

Incidentally, I had read that hard-cooked duck eggs have bluish whites and red yolks. Fascinating, I thought, and wondered if this was due to mineral content: more copper in the white, more iron in the yolk, perhaps? Then I hard-cooked a few, and the whites were white (whiter than chicken eggs, in fact) and the yolks were orange. Whoop-de-do. So much for my science experiment. But quite tasty.


You can fry duck eggs just like chicken eggs, provided they aren’t huge. Up to jumbo size (2.5 ounces) will fry just fine. I prefer mine fried in bacon fat, but butter is fine. No margarine, please: my girls worked too hard laying these eggs to louse them up with chemicals!

Very fresh eggs will “stand up” in the pan: both the white and yolk will stay more compact and spread less when cracked. This makes them thicker, so they’ll take longer to cook through; you may need slightly less heat than with less-fresh eggs. I find that eggs even a week old will spread more in the pan, so you’ll have to adjust your technique according to the age of the eggs.

Many people recommend steam-frying duck eggs, frying them briefly then adding a bit of water to the pan and covering it until they are cooked through. This will give more tender whites. The whites of duck eggs have more protein than those of chicken eggs, so fried they are not quite as tender; but I find the difference to be slight for reasonably sized eggs. For super-jumbo eggs, you may find steam-frying necessary, but frankly if you have to resort to steam-frying I think you should just make an omelet.


You can freely substitute duck eggs for chicken eggs in cakes, pies, cookies, custards, etc. They are excellent in everything we have baked with them, and we bake a lot.

Because the whites of duck eggs have more protein than those of chicken eggs, they will whip up higher when beaten and create more loft in cakes. This means lighter, higher cakes. But since the yolks are so rich, your cakes may also be richer with duck eggs. Most people who have baked with them prefer duck eggs for those reasons. Some pastry chefs argue against baking with duck eggs lest they unbalance finely calibrated recipes, but I have found few recipes to be as finely calibrated as their authors often believe. I would assume that in any given recipe you can substitute an equivalent weight of duck eggs, and if you don’t like the results, you can always make it with chicken eggs next time.

If your eggs vary in size, you’ll need to adjust your recipes accordingly. Recipes assume large eggs, and you can substitute a large duck egg (two ounces or so) for a large chicken egg. If you only need two or three eggs, just estimate: use one that’s a bit larger and one that’s a bit smaller.

For larger recipes, weigh the eggs after cracking. Here are the standard weights for large chicken eggs:

Weights for large chicken eggs

egg (with shell) 2 ounces (24 ounces per dozen)

egg (without shell) 1-3/4 ounces (21 ounces per dozen)

yolk 2/3 ounce (8 ounces per dozen)

white 1 ounce (13 ounces per dozen)

A few words on beating egg whites: it takes a bit more work to break the gel when beating whites of duck eggs. Once you get them frothy, however, they beat up fairly easily.







Welcome Susan Margerison and My Comfort Zone.  She produces natural products for comfort and pain management.    The weather is warming up and gardening, yard work and generally cleaning up means for many muscle aches and pains.  Check out the comfort ball — this product can be used to rub tightness out of sore muscles.


And of course the rest of the amazing Wednesday market.   The Wednesday market is the perfect mid-week stop.    You can count on everything being the freshest, just picked Sonoma grown produce.  Armstrong Valley Farm has sprouts on the stalk.

And checking out the Wednesday crowd this week is Penang Kitchen — the street food of Malaysian here is Santa Rosa.  The peanut sauce is to die for.  Plenty of vegetarian options as well.


GaGa Cafe
Willow Design
The Garden Wild
Full Circle Bakery
Water Horse Ridge
Comfort Zone
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Armstrong Valley Farm
Hectors Honey
Bohemian Wellbeing Farm
Parsons Homegrown
Good gal Delights
Green Grocer
Penang Kitchen





Wednesday Market: the salad bowl


When you shop at a  grocery store even a good one, fruits and vegetables are at least three days old and most much much older.   When you shop at the farmers market you don’t have to guess how old — ask the farmer.   At the Wednesday market all of the produce vendors are the farmers.  It’s a good time to get to know them.  They all have wonderful  tips for buying, storing and using their  harvests.

First we conquered the BLT and now the salad.   Min Hee Hill Gardens, Armstrong Valley Farm, Bohemian Well Being Farm, Hector’s Honey, and  Parson’s Homegrown offer a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

The Dreamcatcher Ranch brings heritage breeds of pork, beef, lamb and goat.   Check out their meat CSA  — they have a breakfast box that will make breakfast your favorite meal.

Full Circle Bakery and Good Gal Delights are the Wednesday bakers and Gaga Cafe pours the best coffee and sells beans so you can do the same at home.

Waterhorse Ridge Jams, condiments and so much more.  Everything is made in small batches and almost all the ingredients are grown out near the Sonoma Coast.

The Garden Wild has wonderful soaps and cremes made with ingredients from the farm.

The Green Grocer is in the house making up wonderful things like hippie hash and crispy duck tacos — he either makes it himself or gets it at the market.

Just a sample of what’s happening this week at the Wednesday market

For more information on  our farmers, ranchers, chefs and artists please check the vendors page





You don’t need a map for the Wednesday market but it still has everything you need for the freshest and best vegetables and fruit.  There are  carrots, beets, turnips, greens, lettuces, fresh herbs, fresh and dried peppers, winter squashes of all shapes and sizes,big sweet onions , tomatillos, and scallions, eggs, beef, lamb, goat, and pork – sausages and a whole bunch of different kinds of bacon.   There’s more too!  Getting to be the last of the persimmons but new citrus is coming in all the time.  Now grapefruit, blood orange, pomelos and lots of lemons of all kinds.   We’ve got two bakers and great coffee for a quick pick me up.   The Green Grocer is in the house – no matter what you pick it will be the best breakfast you’ve ever had.

The market has a lot of red and gold –getting ready for the 49’ers.    Red and gold beet salad  — looking good and tasting good too!

Check out Waterhorse Ridge – a great collection of jam,salsas, chutneys and just cool stuff.

Armstrong Valley Farm has beautiful blood oranges for the perfect 49’er cocktail not too mention Bearss limes and meyer lemons.   Tom also has carrots that fit perfectly in the color scheme.

If your only interest is in the salad bowl Min Hee Hill Garden has beautiful, crisp lettuces.






Merry Christmas – Open December 26th

Merry Christmas to the entire market community.  The market will be open Wednesday December 26th, rain or shine.   It’s a great place to bring out of towners for a taste of Sonoma.

Our vendors are water-proof!





Okay, it might be raining Wednesday morning but we will be at Well Fargo Center for the Arts with everything from breakfast to great  holiday gifts.   If you are thinking about going green this holiday season —  there is no greener gift then a gift certificate to the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market.

Gift certificates are available at the information booth or check with the market manager, Jaime Smedes.   Jaime, like everyone at the market is ready for the rain.

The Green Grocer has an enticing winter menu — perfect for a rainy day.

The Wednesday market has everything from soup to nuts.

The Patch is finished for the season.   Ridgeview farm is done until January when they hope to return with seasonal bouquets of fragrant stock.

With everyone’s busy lives, the trend is more and more convenience or prepared foods but ones that are locally made with locally grown products.

There are two new vendors coming in to the Wednesday market…a baker of fabulous pastries….and a new bbq stand.









Dominique and her fabulous pies, the chestnut guys and many other Saturday vendors.  If you are a procrastinator this is the place for you.  Got company?  Great place to have breakfast!   To guarantee that perfect ingredient, call your favorite farmer.  Contact information is listed.


St Rose Winery –   The perfect wine for turkey is pinot noir and St Rose Winery has a pinot noir special this week

The Dreamcatcher Ranch    – Bacon, sausage, beef , pork and goat

Salmon Creek  Ranch   Duck, duck eggs, duck fat, beef

Weirauch Farm  Creamery–     cheese   – organic. award-winning sheep and cow cheese

Full Circle Bakery  Wonderful breads baguettes, cibattas, the perfect sandwich bread for turkey sandwiches no matter what you like  (707) 794-9445

Vicki Kemp  Hand sewn shirts, jams, and table cloths and napkins

Willow Designs  Clever jewelry and decorating pieces – re-cycled silver ware her tiny table top vases were recently featured in the Press Democrat

The Garden Wild  Soaps and lotions all handcrafted many from farm market ingredients  great gifts

GaGa Café   A great cup of coffee and beans to make it at home.

EGB  Seasonal fruit, dried fruit

Kays Bo Kays    Seasonal Flowers  Mums the word for Thanksgiving

Bohemian Well Being Farm 

Armstrong Valley Farm  Seasonal produce and eggs.  Beautiful carrots, beets, kohlrabi, cauliflower, broccoli and other seasonal vegetables.  A variety of potatoes — pick the perfect one

Sebastopol Berry Farm – maybe the rains make it iffy

Sonoma Coast Organic Produce  Jim and Dave the chestnut guys also have quince, grapes and chanterelles

Ma & Pas Garden  Seasonal produce call 823-6191 to guarantee your order.  They have celery root.

First Light Farm   You say potato the perfect potato for every recipe – and lots of other seasonal vegetables especially nice greens

Min-Hee Hill Gardens  Seasonal produce with a lettuce specialty.   Herb plants –perk up your kitchen window sill and your everyday recipes with fresh herbs  Now winter squashes perfect for a stand-out holiday dish with no work at all.

Twin Palms Ranch  Tasty and beautiful organic vegetables

Hectors Honey  Seasonal produce  maybe some tomatoes squash, tomatillos more and   everything honey of course.  Araucuna chicken eggs

The Patch Tomatoes, green beans, onions and peppers

Costeaux  Breads and pastries for every part of the Thanksgiving holiday from breakfast, lunch and dinner  Special order celebration cakes

Gandolf’s Fine Chocolate   The best chocolates in America

Dominique’s Sweets –  Amazing pies, macarons, meat hand pies and other pastries

Green Grocer  – “”If the French Laundry and Whole Foods had a love child… You’d wind up with the Green Grocer” yelp review  Got company bring them to the market for breakfast all morning.  All ingredients are locally sourced.  Give your guests a true taste of Sonoma and not break the bank at the market .

Lata’s    The best Indian food.  Traditional recipes but made with Sonoma grown ingredients.  Her pumpkin curry could be a wonderful side dish or for your favorite vegetarian dinner!   Her menu offers a lot for a quick snack to an easy dinner -just heat and eat.

Edgeworks   Who ever is carving the turkey will love you if you have the knife sharpened.

Waterhorse Ridge Jams and in season cranberry sauce!  It’s really really good.





If you are thinking oy vey it’s Wednesday.  Give yourself a treat.   Everything you need meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, bread and some fun shopping too.   You can get a bite to eat, food to go and prepared foods.    Great coffee too!   If you are in a hurry or want to linger — this is the place.

Willow Designs  Clever jewelry , scarves, aprons a few with vegetable themes .  Her tiny vases made from old silverware were recently written up in the Press Democrat — the perfect item for holiday tables or for gifts
Water Horse Ridge Jams  “Jams of the God’s”  says  Bite Club an array of seasonal jams and condiments both sweet and savory
Gaga Café  The best cup of coffee plus beans (and advice)on brewing to go.
Full Circle Bakery Breads of all kinds plus a nice array of pastries     Don’t miss the garlic cheddar– better buy two so you still have one when you get home

Mi Fiesta  Tamales, enchiladas, salsas, rice,beans tortillas everything for a dinner you don’t have to fix and you can have a tamale on the spot!

Dream Catcher Beef, pork, goat  bacon in a number of styles including nitrate free

Bohemian Well-Being Town  Mushrooms all from the Occidental area.  Mr. Kim is a wealth of knowledge about both culinary and medicinal uses of mushrooms

Armstrong Valley Farm  Seasonal produce and eggs  Right now beautiful cauliflowers in colors!  If you are looking for sensationally colored vegetables for the upcoming holidays be sure and stop by — and of course they taste wonderful too.    Compare a supermarket carrot with a carrot from Armstrong Valley Farm and you will never buy a supermarket carrot again.

Ridgeview Farm Seasonal produce , fruit , and amazing long lasting bouquets.   Amazing zinnias in reds, yellows and gold are still in season.

DeSantis Bella Fruita  Seasonal fruit and other things you won’t see any place else. Currently they have raisins on the vine and uncured olives.  If you have ever thought about making your own olives — now’s your chance.

Min Hee Gardens  lovely lettuces and a variety of peppers sweet and hot and seasonal produce – beets, kale, cucumbers and they still have tomatoes

Twin Palms Ranch    Not just another array of vegetables that are beautiful to look at.  They have a wonderful variety of winter squashes.   Ask them about each variety and the taste  and the some suggestions for preparation.

Hector’s Honey   Honey of course but there is also seasonal produce.  Right now Hector has purple tomatillos and he is still  harvesting tomatoes

The Windsor Green Grocer  Fabulous breakfasts, lunch, brunch.  They also have cured pork products by the pound including the very bacon from their world famous blt.
The Patch   Green beans, fresh red and white onions, beautiful peppers  and tomatoes

Sebastopol Berry Farm  Raspberries still as sweet as summer.  Not too much longer.  Think about a cran-raspberry chutney for a twist this Thanksgiving.

The Patch   Seasonal produce including green beans, fresh red and white onions, peppers and tomatoes!

The Wednesday market pops up just when you need it.  It’s the quick stop of  farmers markets.  Enter from Mark West Springs Road.  Easy parking in the North Lot in front of the ticket office

8:30 am  12:00 noon






Punky’s Pumpkin Patch is  up and the market has moved to the east side of  Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.  There is easy access from both Old Redwood Highway (Bad Ass Coffee) and Mark West Springs Road.   Plenty of free and easy parking,  follow the signs from the entrances.

Wednesday is going to be another beautiful day in Sonoma County.      Because it is hot, there are  tomatoes and as long as there are tomatoes – the Green Grocer is still serving the Best Ever BLT.  

Rather make your own BLT?  The Wednesday market has everything you need for the perfect BLT.  Tomatoes and lettuce – check out Min Hee Gardens.   Dreamcatcher Ranch has a variety of styles of bacon including nitrate free.  The perfect bread – any of the ones from Full Circle Bakery.  No matter what you bread preference they have it.

The Patch is at the Wednesday market with with  just picke seasonal produce.  If you haven’t had their fresh onions you are missing out on some great flavor.  A fresh red onion slice would make a great addition to a BLT.  The Patch also has peppers, green beans, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Speaking of additions to a BLT  DeSantis has amazing avocados with thin very dark skin.

If you are tired of summer and ready for fall, the market has that too!  Hector’s honey has pumpkins and other squashes including spaghetti squash.   Armstrong Valley Farm has lots of winter greens and kohlrabi – the vegetable that looks like sputnik.     Twin Palms has beautiful peppers but they also have strawberries too.

Fall means pomegranates, pears, and persimmons and nuts.

Ridgeview Farm is now year round at the Wednesday market.  Ridgeview has seasonal fruit and vegetables and the most amazing bouquets.   The hot weather means the zinnias are still available.      Every item they grow is chosen entirely for flavor.   They pick when flavor is at its peak.

The Wednesday market is has everything you need for a great mid-week pick me up.  Including a beautiful spot to sit.

Introducing Physis – your farmer’s market pantry.  He takes what’s available in the market now and turns into the stocks, dressings and other pantry items you wish you had time to make yourself.

Wednesday Vendors

  • Armstrong Valley Farm
  • Beet Generation Farm
  • Sebastopol Berry Farm
  • Twin Palms Ranch
  • Hector’s Honey
  • DeSantis Farm
  • Bohemian Well Being Town  mushrooms
  • Ridgeview Farm
  • Min Hee Gardens
  • EGB Fruit and Nuts
  • The Patch
  • Dreamcatcher Ranch
  • Salmon Creek Ranch
  • Carson’s Catch
  • Full Circle Baking
  • The Garden Wild
  • Vicky Kemp Designs
  • Willow Designs
  • Waterhorse Ridge Jams and Condiments
  • The Green Grocer
  • Mi Fiesta
  • GaGa Cafe
  • Run-Around Brew
  • Physis
  • Edgework knifesharpening 1st and 3rd Wednesday




Got the mid-week- bored- blues?  the perfect-pick-me-up is the Wednesday morning market at Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.

Right now you could call it the  Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich market.    The long torturous wait for local tomatoes is over and now it is time for the BLT

Outdoor tomatoes grown in Sonoma County are here all varieties from early girls to heirloom.     Amazing bacon is available from Dream Catcher Ranch and The Windsor Green Grocer.   Full Circle Bakery has the perfect bread for your BLT – no matter what that choice is.    And while lettuce is often treated as just an accessory, we disagree and think it needs to be crisp and crunchy.  Find your perfect lettuce at Min-Hee Garden.  There are lots of varieties of lettuce in market now.

If you’d rather have someone else make your BLT – we nominate the Windsor Green Grocer.  We believe his BLT belongs in the Sandwich Hall of Fame.  And you can have it during BLT season at the Wednesday morning market.

If you are not a fan of bacon- skip the b and add any number of wonderful seasonal options – cucumbers, gypsy peppers, or try a slice of  perfectly ripe peach!

The Wednesday market has duck eggs, chicken eggs, coffee beans, coffee, coffee drinks, pastries, bread, jams, condiments, beef, duck, pork, bison, salmon, halibut, cod,mushrooms – varieties of fresh and died, honey, beeswax products,seasonal produce and fruit .   Wednesday only vendor Ridgeview Farm has the most beautiful seasonal bouquets and full bunches of zinnias.

There are also handcrafted soaps, unique jewelry and items crafted from old silverware, and beautiful hand-sewn napkins, shirts and more.


Current Wednesday Vendors


Run Around Brew

Edgeworks Knife Sharpening   every other week

Full Circle Bakery

Waterhorse Ridge Jams and More

Mi Fiesta   Tamales, enchiladas salsas etc

Vicki Kemp napkins, clothing crocheted sweaters

Willow Designs handcrafted jewelry, aprons, scarves

Gaga Café perfect cup of coffee and beans plus other drinks

Garden Wild handcrafted artisan soaps and crèmes

Carson’s Catch smoked salmon on Wed

Salmon Creek Ranch duck, duck eggs, beef

Redel flavored almonds   every other week

Dream Catcher Ranch   — pork, lamb, bison

Windsor Green Grocer   farm market breakfasts  THE BLT

Redwood Empire Farm  seasonal produce

Sebastopol Berry  berries and more berries

Beet Generation   seasonal produce

Hector’s Honey  honey, beeswax products and seasonal produce

DeSantis  fruit, nuts, dried herbs

Armstrong Valley seasonal produce

Bohemian Well Being fresh and dried mushrooms  The best selection in Sonoma Couunty

Ridgeview    Seasonal produce and flwoers

Min-hee Gardens   Seasonal produce, dried peppers, pepper plants, garden stakes

EGB Fruit   Seasonal fruit and nuts

Patch   Seasonal produce