Hats by Cathy Wayne

Hats by Cathy Wayne

  • This is the hats on market.   Varda Rose is having a sale 50% off
    Cathy Wayne and her beautiful felt hats  will be at the market.
    The Royal Hare, Vanae , and Vicki Kemp also have hats.  Whatever you are looking for
    we’ve got you covered/
    Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market Vendor List

    January 25, 2014
    Moon Shadows
    Peter Bailey
    Willow Designs
    Made with Wood:
    by the Elvin Moon
    California Coops

    Home Decor:
    Architectural Ceramic Designs
    I’m Sew Sure
    Sia Baskets
    Threads of Time

    Cathy Wayne
    Royale Hare
    Silk Winds
    Varda Rose
    Vicki Kemp

    Plants and Flowers:
    Daffodils, Dahlias, Lilies Oh My!
    Natures Spirit Garden
    Neve Roses II

    Created by Vanae
    Earth Temple
    John Rizzi Glassworks

    Just For You:
    Hilltop Honey
    My Comfort Zone
    The Garden Wild

    Edgeworks Sharpening Services
    Total Moment Massage

    Armstrong Valley Farm
    Bernier Farms
    Bohemian Wellbeing Farm
    Canvas Ranch
    Farm Sinclair
    First Light Farm
    Hectors Honey
    Laguna Farm
    Middleton Farm
    Min-Hee Hills Garden
    Offerings of the Land
    Parsons HomeGrown
    Singing Frogs Farm
    Fruits & Nuts:
    EGB Farm
    Twin Peaks Orchards

    Dairy & Eggs:
    Armstrong Valley Farm
    Bellwether Farms
    Hectors Honey
    Pepper Ranch
    Salmon Creek Ranch
    Straus Family Creamery
    Two Rock Valley Cheese
    Weirauch Farm & Creamery

    Franco’s One World Sausage
    Karlona’s Farms
    Owen Family Farm
    Pepper Ranch
    Salmon Creek Ranch
    The Black Sheep Farm
    Williams Ranch

    Prepared Foods:
    Guerilla Foods
    Green Grocer
    Mi Fiesta Catering
    Skipp Henderson Catering
    Starting from Scratch

    Baked Goods:
    Crumb Hither Bakery
    Costeaux French Bakery
    Dominique’s Sweets
    Full Circle Bakery
    Raymond’s Bakery

    Sweet Treats:
    Crumb Hither Bakery
    Dominique’s Sweets
    Gandolph’s Fine Chocolates
    Grizzly Bear Sweets

    A Taste of Tea
    Gaga Café
    Pure Puer Tea
    Run Around Brew

    Specialty Items:
    Home Maid Ravioli
    Not yer Mommas Granola
    The Philosopher’s Stoneground

    Olive Oils, Vinegars & Jams:
    Hue de Laroque
    Leon Day Condiments
    Stonehouse Olive Oil
    Twin Peaks Orchard
    Waterhorse Ridge





We like to think every farmers market is a wellness fair but this week is something very special


Varda Rosa (beautiful crocheted hats) also organizes Wellness Fairs.  It is a chance to meet and talk to holistic healers.   Thanks Varda.

This is a list for example only of the types of practitioners usually at the Fairs.

* Dr. Rich Shames, local expert on glands and hormones, will answer questions.
* Annie Osborn – acupuncturist and naturopath consultations.
* Dr. Cindy Zafis and Suzel Deer, RN will offer allergies and detoxification information and testing.
* Radiant Health Center – free stress survey and trigger point assessment.
* Phyllis Bala, doctor of indigenous medicine, teaches about the Medicine Wheel, an ancient tool acknowledging ancestral wisdom, elements of nature and its effects on body, mind, emotions and vital energy.
* Debora Farrington – Jin Shin Do acupressure for neck and shoulder release.
*Joanna Rebelgale – nutrition, Juice Plus+, and the Tower Garden – a vertical, aeroponic home gardening system.
* Terry Trapp – nutritional consultation.
*Maya Balenz – energy work and tapping.* Sheri – abdominal massage.
* Bodywork with Alvin and Raven.
* Melissa Weaver – quality health products.
*Joan Kramer and Linda Green – handwriting analysis.
*Mary Buckley – mini Feng Shui consultations and I Ching readings.
*Polarity therapist Amber Romandy w/the healing salon and clinic, info & free healing!
*Pollyanna Costa – intuitive astrological readings and dream exploration.
*April Blake – LED light therapy.
*Pilates Collective – postural assessment.
*Sandra – delightful aromatic candles.
*Katja – gorgeous ethnic wear!