Wednesday’s market is a jewel
The best fast food ever and it’s under $4.00
Mi Fiesta has hot tamales with your choices of salsas and guacamole. Since there are now football games almost every night of the week you can’t have enough chips and salsas.

Twin Peaks is now at the Wednesday market.  The first mandarins of the season and meyer lemons.

Hectors Honey

Armstrong Valley Farm

Twin Peaks Orchards

The Patch

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

Farm Sinclair

Dreamcatcher Ranch   Thinking about ham for the holidays Order now.

Penny Royal Farm / Navarro Vineyard Wonderful pinot noir grape juice perfect no sugar added

Village Charter School

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm

Leap Frog Greens

Gaga Café

My Comfort Zone

Quillfully Yours

Full Circle Bakery Wonderful pastries

Willow Designs

Taste of Tea New to the market

Mi Fiesta Catering

I’m Sew Sure Beautiful lined napkins

Green Grocer



Canvas Ranch is back.  Twin Peaks is back.    The market is bursting with fruits and vegetables

Find your favorites easily with the map and guide.

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Twin Peaks has returned with their wonderful and much in demand summer fruit.   Summer fruit is everywhere and if you are looking for an easy delicious way to serve it –Greek yogurt from Bobby’s Ultimate Souvlaki is the way to go.

You’ve heard it before but…really this is the most amazing yogurt.   Bobby serves it with a variety of toppings for snacking at the market but you can get it plain and you only need a little to change fresh fruit into a dessert worthy of a special occasion.   Even if you think you know what someone sells — it is always worth a second look.  Our chefs are always trying something new.  Shown here with elderbroch peach jam from Patricia Greer’s Waterhorse Ridge Jams and Condiments.   By themselves each of our vendors is great but when they get together — wow.