The warm weather means lots of lovely lettuces an green at the market. Min Hee Hill Gardens has a wonderful array of greens and this week are coming to the Wednesday market. They will also have their new hot sauce and kim chee.
Tierrra Farm Cookstand is back with their amazing polenta and egg and they have added a fabulous fritta.
Sinful Fusion is serving omelettes at the Wednesday market and Physis Foods has Taylor Maid Coffee.
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Dream Catcher Ranch
Hectors Honey
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Ridgeview Farm
The Front Porch
The Fruit Factory
Tierra Vegetables
Bay Belle Candles
Berkmans Spices
Franco One World Sausage
Full Circle Bakery
Hummus Guy
Mi Fiesta
Physis Foods
Wine Country Chocolate
Anello Seafood
Sinful Fusion
Tierra Farms





Tierra Farm Polenta Bowl recipe

Sunday is Valentine’s Day this is a wonderful recipe and every ingredient is available at the Wednesday market
Perfect way to start off Valentine’s Day –your sweetie will think you’ve been cooking all day.
Polenta and Egg/veggie bowl
polenta bowl using all the same Tierra Vegetables items, and it couldn’t be simpler!
To make polenta, use a ratio of 4 parts vegetable or chicken stock to 1 part polenta. (Physis Foods another wonderful Wednesday only vendor has stock)
Bring stock to a boil in a large pot, then add polenta and begin to whisk. Continue to whisk together intermittently and thoroughly as polenta thickens, seasoning lightly with salt. After 10-15 minutes, when polenta has reached desired thickness, remove from heat, taste once more for seasoning, and adjust if necessary.
*Note that as your polenta sits and/or cools, it will continue to thicken, even after it’s done cooking.
Top with your favorite vegetables, either roasted or sauteed; you can keep it simple with just olive oil, salt, & pepper, or use some minced garlic for added savory flavor.
Top with an egg the way you like it, and a drizzle of your favorite Tierra Vegetables hot sauce!