Summer is something special in Sonoma County.  All three markets are full of the fruits and vegetables of summer.    Gaga Cafe is at all three markets with a smile and a great cup of coffee.  Eggs and locally raised meat at all three markets.  Hector’s Honey, EGB (seasonal fruit) and The Patch (Sonoma grown vegetables) are at all three markets.

The Wednesday market has a great prepared food the best pop-up food court — Green Grocer andPenang Kitchen   –great menus and food to eat at the market or to go.    Each also sells ingredients to make your cooking easy and tasty. Wednesday market  8:30- Noon  Luther Burbank Center for the Arts   Full Circle Bkery has wonderful pastries to go with that great cup of  coffee from Gaga Cafe.

Wednesday July 30th Vendor List

Wednesday Market


Hectors Honey

Armstrong Valley Farm

EGB Farm

The Patch

Sebastopol Berry Farm

Min-Hee Hill Garden

Penny Royal Farm
Navarro Vineyards

Ridgeview Farm

The Beet Generation

Leap Frog Greens

Farm Sinclair

Dreamcatcher Ranch


Full Circle Bakery

Gaga Cafe

Waterhorse Ridge

My Comfort Zone

Viki Kemp

The Garden Wild

Starting from Scratch

Willow Designs

Dr. Cindy Zafis (allergist)

Prepared Foods

Green Grocer

Penang Kitchen

Thursday market      9:00- 1pm         1450 Guerneville Road  (Across from Penny’s side entrance at Coddingtown)

Saturday market       8:30 – 1pm     Luther Burbank Center for the Arts



Got the mid-week- bored- blues?  the perfect-pick-me-up is the Wednesday morning market at Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.

Right now you could call it the  Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich market.    The long torturous wait for local tomatoes is over and now it is time for the BLT

Outdoor tomatoes grown in Sonoma County are here all varieties from early girls to heirloom.     Amazing bacon is available from Dream Catcher Ranch and The Windsor Green Grocer.   Full Circle Bakery has the perfect bread for your BLT – no matter what that choice is.    And while lettuce is often treated as just an accessory, we disagree and think it needs to be crisp and crunchy.  Find your perfect lettuce at Min-Hee Garden.  There are lots of varieties of lettuce in market now.

If you’d rather have someone else make your BLT – we nominate the Windsor Green Grocer.  We believe his BLT belongs in the Sandwich Hall of Fame.  And you can have it during BLT season at the Wednesday morning market.

If you are not a fan of bacon- skip the b and add any number of wonderful seasonal options – cucumbers, gypsy peppers, or try a slice of  perfectly ripe peach!

The Wednesday market has duck eggs, chicken eggs, coffee beans, coffee, coffee drinks, pastries, bread, jams, condiments, beef, duck, pork, bison, salmon, halibut, cod,mushrooms – varieties of fresh and died, honey, beeswax products,seasonal produce and fruit .   Wednesday only vendor Ridgeview Farm has the most beautiful seasonal bouquets and full bunches of zinnias.

There are also handcrafted soaps, unique jewelry and items crafted from old silverware, and beautiful hand-sewn napkins, shirts and more.


Current Wednesday Vendors


Run Around Brew

Edgeworks Knife Sharpening   every other week

Full Circle Bakery

Waterhorse Ridge Jams and More

Mi Fiesta   Tamales, enchiladas salsas etc

Vicki Kemp napkins, clothing crocheted sweaters

Willow Designs handcrafted jewelry, aprons, scarves

Gaga Café perfect cup of coffee and beans plus other drinks

Garden Wild handcrafted artisan soaps and crèmes

Carson’s Catch smoked salmon on Wed

Salmon Creek Ranch duck, duck eggs, beef

Redel flavored almonds   every other week

Dream Catcher Ranch   — pork, lamb, bison

Windsor Green Grocer   farm market breakfasts  THE BLT

Redwood Empire Farm  seasonal produce

Sebastopol Berry  berries and more berries

Beet Generation   seasonal produce

Hector’s Honey  honey, beeswax products and seasonal produce

DeSantis  fruit, nuts, dried herbs

Armstrong Valley seasonal produce

Bohemian Well Being fresh and dried mushrooms  The best selection in Sonoma Couunty

Ridgeview    Seasonal produce and flwoers

Min-hee Gardens   Seasonal produce, dried peppers, pepper plants, garden stakes

EGB Fruit   Seasonal fruit and nuts

Patch   Seasonal produce