(Poster from Pratt School of Design)

The Sonoma County high  school students refurbish bicycles and sell them.  This Wednesday you can buy one at the Wednesday market.  Get a great bike for between $30 and $50.      Plenty of room to test drive.

The Wednesday market is a great place for holiday shopping.    This weekly pop-up plaza brings the best of Sonoma County for mid-week shoppers.     There are wonderful hand-crafted scarves, shirts, napkins, jewelry.  For the chefs and enthusiastic eaters on your list – great choices abound.

For on the spot eating, great farm market breakfasts from the Green Grocer or from Mi Fiesta a tamale treat.   Gaga Cafe is pouring wonderful coffees and the beans make a great gift.   Full Circle Bakery and Good Gal Bakery have the perfect pastry for everyone from bear-claws to scones.

Only two more markets until Christmas but our vendors invite special orders, please check the vendors list for contact information.