Seasonal Bouquets Ridgeview Farm - Only at the Wednesday Market

Seasonal Bouquets Ridgeview Farm – Only at the Wednesday Market


Wednesday is shaping up to be a great market, you already know fresh, local, king salamon… Local tomatoes, wonderful greens and lettuces, beautiful rose bouquets, Heritage Asian vegetables including Korean spinach does not stick to your teeth!

Mother’s Day is on the horizon. Quillfully Yours has cards and small gifts. I’m Sew Sure has a wonderful array of nakins, table cloths and other beautifully sewn items. If your Mom’s a chocolate lover check out the selection at Wine Country Chocolates.

Stop and enjoy the day the best farm to table fare anywhere anytime he Green Grocer is cooking tomorrow.

Wan something to grb and o — Mi Fiesta has hot tamales – the best fast food.

Music by Hank Levine

Bohemian Well Being
Hectors Honey
Farm Sinclair
Parsons HomeGrown
Armstrong Valley Farm
Penny Royal Farm
Min-Hee Hill Farm
Schletewitz Family Farm
Ridgeview Farm
Dream Catcher Ranch
Franco’s One World Sausages
Fresh off the Boat

Wine Country Chocolates
Green Grocer
Mi Fiesta Catering

Edgework’s Sharpening Services
Innovative Fabric Designs
Beach House Candles

Gaga Cafe
Full Circle Bakery
A Taste of Tea

Quillfully Yours
I’m Sew Sure


Just a few examples of the great finds at the Wednesday market.    Beautiful spring bouquets from Ridgeview Farm — just the beginning of their bouquet season and they also have some lovely little heads of lettuce.  As well as their fine produce Ortiz Bros. has fragrant, fresh lilacs .  Armstrong Valley has lot of lovely shallots.  Triple T is spring all over with broccoli side shoots and purple mizuna –The delicate leaves add crisp, fresh beauty to a salad of other micro greens or mixed with white daikon. Milder than arugula, the peppery mustard flavor is an excellent addition to soups and stir-fries, as well.   Redel’s has bulk, unflavored almonds at a great prices.

If don’t feel like cooking,  let Lata or Mi Fiesta take care of that for you.  Pictured here is a sweet corn tamale with chipotle salsa  Each is pretty darn good on its own and together – a maiz- ing.  And Lata has the best tikka masala anywhere.