Wednesday April 1st Vendors List (No foolin’)

Thinking about the wonderful family gathering coming up – think about having Starting From Scratch make it — they are a full servce caterer and you could pick up all or part of your Easter dinner a the Saturday market. Be a guest at the party too!

Quillfully Yours is here this Wednesday with the most beautiful Easter Cards.

Bohemian Well Being Farm
Farm Sinclair
Fruit Factory
Geyserville Gardens
Hector’s Honey
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Pepper Ridge Ranch
Ridgeview Farm

Berkmans Spices
Franco One World
Full Circle Bakery
Gaga Cafe
glazed n confused
seed O Sphere
Wine Country Chocolate
Quillfully Yours

Starting From Scratch

Santa Rosa Farmers Market's photo.
Santa Rosa Farmers Market's photo.
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The Wednesday market is a wonderful place.  It’s got you covered from Sonoma grown fruit and vegetables.

But it also has a group of wonderful artisans.  Quillfully Yours beautiful cards and other accessories, Willow Design clever silver jewelry much crafted from silver ware, I’m Sew Sure has beautiful homegoods among them baby blankets. Alma’s Oil Cloth has original designs made in bright colorful oil cloth, Vick Kemp has napkins and beautiful shirts.  The Comfort Zone is at this Wednesday market with their pillow of all sizes designed to be heated or chilled to bring relief for your aches and pains.

Hectors Honey

Armstrong Valley Farm

EGB Farm

The Patch

Sebastopol Berry Farm

Min-Hee Hill Gardens

Penny Royal Farm

Ridgeview Farm

The Beet Generation

Leap Frog Greens

Farm Sinclair

McClellan Dairy

Village Charter School


Gaga Cafe

Comfort Zone

Quillfully Yours

Im Sew Sure

Willow Designs

Almas Oilcloths

Mi Fiesta Catering

Victoria Kemp

Waterhorse Ridge

Full Circle Bakery

Art Trails

Prepared Foods

Starting from Scratch

Penang Kitchen

Green Grocer