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Wine Tasting with Navarro Vineyards






Navarro Vineyard tasting (1)



Get a taste of ver jus at the Wednesday market

Get a taste of ver jus at the Wednesday market

Penny Royal Farm/Navarro Vineyards is at the Wednesday market and they have ver jus.  They also have sheep and goat’s milk cheese including a great blue cheese.  Not too mention wine.  It’s a party at Penny Royal Farm stand least everything you need for a party including wine.





Also known as “verjuice,” verjus is the pressed juice of unripened grapes, and can be red (made from either purely red grapes or a red-white mix) or white (made from white grapes). While acidic, verjus has a gentler flavor than vinegar, with a sweet-tart taste that is often used to heighten the flavor of many sauces or mustards. The word verjus derives from the French term vert jus, literally “green juice,” which refers to its source—the high-acid, low-sugar grapes that winemakers thin from the vines just when the crop is beginning to ripen. This early crop of unripe grapes is pressed, resulting in verjus. Unlike wine, however, verjus is not fermented, and is not alcoholic, meaning that its use in a salad dressing or sauce will not interfere with the flavor of the accompanying drinking wine. Widely used in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, verjus has become more popular in recent years and is produced by many American wineries; it’s also widely imported from France. Red verjus has an earthier flavor, while white verjus has a crisper taste.


Like wine and vinegar, each brand of verjus will have a distinct taste. Red generally varies from gentle and floral to rich and hearty; white verjus can be light and mild or tangy and aggressive. verjus is available in gourmet food stores, or directly from producers.


Both red and white verjus can be used in salad dressing, with a proportion of 3 parts verjus to 1 part oil; red verjus is better suited for strong-flavored greens like arugula, while white verjus is better for tender greens, like butter lettuce. You can use red verjus as you would use red wine vinegar or red wine—it is particularly good in sauces for meat or spicy foods, as well as marinating. You can use white verjus as you would use white wine vinegar, lemon juice, or white wine—it is good in beurre blanc, or other sauces for chicken or fish.


Opened verjus will keep, re-corked, in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 months. To freeze for a longer period of time, pour verjus into ice cube trays.

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