Local Spicery  "Dusk" Fast food!

Local Spicery “Dusk”
Fast food!

Local Spicery at the Saturday market has a new blend  “Dusk”  -orange peel, black pepper, cardamom, Saigon cinnamon and Galangal.    You can put it on almost anything and turn it into a special dessert.

It’s summer and we all want easy living.  This is a great way to spice up dessert in seconds.    Slice up your favorite summer fruit and sprinkle on dusk — good right way – better if you can let it sit for a few minutes.

Got a few more seconds add pound cake and some whipped cream more Dusk and people will think you are a dessert genius.

Local Spicery has a wide variety of single ingredient as well as blends.  It’s easy to spark up any dish.











Kay’s Bo-Kays, Beet Generation and the Oz Family are back! We welcome Local Spicery, Gusto Pasta and Sadie and Otis BBQ.

Here’s what Franco Dunn, One World Sausage Company said about Gusto Pasta
“Greetings! I have sold my sausages at the Santa Rosa Farmers market for quite some time. This Saturday I bought a meat lasagna from the Gusto pasta people. This was their first day as vendors. I cooked in Italy for three years and have been a chef for over thirty years. The lasagna was fabulous. These people are a welcome addition to our market!”