You can get a snack or a meal at the market but you can also find great meals for later.

All of our prepared food vendors can help you with party planning – whether whether you are having a few or a few dozen all of our prepared vendors are experienced chefs and caterers.

This week at the market

Mi Fiesta  Special holiday tamales

East West Gourmet Foods  bolani’s are the easiest, best appetizer you can serve to any crowd and almost everyone can eat it

Lata’s Indian Cuisine   – the best Indian food in Northern California.  Imagine the samosas being the star in your holiday buffet

Green Grocer   – Everything is locally sourced and wonderful.  Seasonally sausages, bacon and other cured meats

Penang Kitchen  – Malaysian recipes with Northern California ingredients.  Pictured is beef curry perfect for the chilly weather




Dominique and her fabulous pies, the chestnut guys and many other Saturday vendors.  If you are a procrastinator this is the place for you.  Got company?  Great place to have breakfast!   To guarantee that perfect ingredient, call your favorite farmer.  Contact information is listed.


St Rose Winery –   The perfect wine for turkey is pinot noir and St Rose Winery has a pinot noir special this week

The Dreamcatcher Ranch    – Bacon, sausage, beef , pork and goat

Salmon Creek  Ranch   Duck, duck eggs, duck fat, beef

Weirauch Farm  Creamery–     cheese   – organic. award-winning sheep and cow cheese

Full Circle Bakery  Wonderful breads baguettes, cibattas, the perfect sandwich bread for turkey sandwiches no matter what you like  (707) 794-9445

Vicki Kemp  Hand sewn shirts, jams, and table cloths and napkins

Willow Designs  Clever jewelry and decorating pieces – re-cycled silver ware her tiny table top vases were recently featured in the Press Democrat

The Garden Wild  Soaps and lotions all handcrafted many from farm market ingredients  great gifts

GaGa Café   A great cup of coffee and beans to make it at home.

EGB  Seasonal fruit, dried fruit

Kays Bo Kays    Seasonal Flowers  Mums the word for Thanksgiving

Bohemian Well Being Farm 

Armstrong Valley Farm  Seasonal produce and eggs.  Beautiful carrots, beets, kohlrabi, cauliflower, broccoli and other seasonal vegetables.  A variety of potatoes — pick the perfect one

Sebastopol Berry Farm – maybe the rains make it iffy

Sonoma Coast Organic Produce  Jim and Dave the chestnut guys also have quince, grapes and chanterelles

Ma & Pas Garden  Seasonal produce call 823-6191 to guarantee your order.  They have celery root.

First Light Farm   You say potato the perfect potato for every recipe – and lots of other seasonal vegetables especially nice greens

Min-Hee Hill Gardens  Seasonal produce with a lettuce specialty.   Herb plants –perk up your kitchen window sill and your everyday recipes with fresh herbs  Now winter squashes perfect for a stand-out holiday dish with no work at all.

Twin Palms Ranch  Tasty and beautiful organic vegetables

Hectors Honey  Seasonal produce  maybe some tomatoes squash, tomatillos more and   everything honey of course.  Araucuna chicken eggs

The Patch Tomatoes, green beans, onions and peppers

Costeaux  Breads and pastries for every part of the Thanksgiving holiday from breakfast, lunch and dinner  Special order celebration cakes

Gandolf’s Fine Chocolate   The best chocolates in America

Dominique’s Sweets –  Amazing pies, macarons, meat hand pies and other pastries

Green Grocer  – “”If the French Laundry and Whole Foods had a love child… You’d wind up with the Green Grocer” yelp review  Got company bring them to the market for breakfast all morning.  All ingredients are locally sourced.  Give your guests a true taste of Sonoma and not break the bank at the market .

Lata’s    The best Indian food.  Traditional recipes but made with Sonoma grown ingredients.  Her pumpkin curry could be a wonderful side dish or for your favorite vegetarian dinner!   Her menu offers a lot for a quick snack to an easy dinner -just heat and eat.

Edgeworks   Who ever is carving the turkey will love you if you have the knife sharpened.

Waterhorse Ridge Jams and in season cranberry sauce!  It’s really really good.



Bobby’s Souvlaki and The Green Grocer will be at the Saturday market.    But you might ask, “Where the heck is the beignet guy?”    Rob, the beignet guy has opened a breakfast/lunch place The Parish Cafe but he will be back to the market with beignets in a few weeks.    Our chefs are a busy lot and when they are not a the market, it means they are cooking at a special event.

They are caterers and available for your special event of any size — a  special dinner for a few or a grand event for hundreds.

The market serves as a business incubator for many chefs.  Sometimes we lose people when they become successful, the market is happy that Chef Mateo Granados continues to bring his fabulous farm market breakfasts every weekend.

We have some new prepared food vendors coming in as well.

Our food court is a great place to start off Saturday morning but it is also a great place to pick up meals for later in the week….or think about the perfect menu for up coming holiday parties.


Just a few examples of the great finds at the Wednesday market.    Beautiful spring bouquets from Ridgeview Farm — just the beginning of their bouquet season and they also have some lovely little heads of lettuce.  As well as their fine produce Ortiz Bros. has fragrant, fresh lilacs .  Armstrong Valley has lot of lovely shallots.  Triple T is spring all over with broccoli side shoots and purple mizuna –The delicate leaves add crisp, fresh beauty to a salad of other micro greens or mixed with white daikon. Milder than arugula, the peppery mustard flavor is an excellent addition to soups and stir-fries, as well.   Redel’s has bulk, unflavored almonds at a great prices.

If don’t feel like cooking,  let Lata or Mi Fiesta take care of that for you.  Pictured here is a sweet corn tamale with chipotle salsa  Each is pretty darn good on its own and together – a maiz- ing.  And Lata has the best tikka masala anywhere.