The Wednesday market has all the good stuff and easier parking.   You can still get a great cup of coffee from the  Gaga Cafe, the best breakfast in Sonoma County from the Green Grocer and lots of Sonoma grown fruits and vegetables.  For the ominvore:  fish, meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, and honey.
Armstrong Valley Farm
The Beet Generation Farm
Bohemian Well-Being
Dream Catcher Ranch
Farm Sinclair
Hector’s Honey
Penny Royale Farm
Pepper Ranch
Ponce Farm/EGB Farm
Schletewitz Family Farm
The Patch
Sebastopol Berry Farm
A Taste of Tea
Beach House Candles
My Comfort Zone
Fresh Off the Boat
Full Circle Bakery
Gaga Cafe
I’m Sew Sure
The Garden Wild
The Hummus Guy
Wine Country Chocolates
Victoria Kemp
Franco’s One World Sausage
The Green Grocer

Today The Council on Aging will hand our WIC Senior Coupon Books.   If you know a low income senior that could use some extra help with groceries, please tell them about today’s distribution of coupon books.


The market is located at 1450 Guerneville Road  the parking lot of the WIC officces  (opposite the west end of  Coddingtown Mall)


The market only sells fruits and vegetables.    While designed with WIC clients in mind, the market is open to the public.


The Patch, Hector’s Honey and EGB/Ponce are the featured vendors of the Thursday market



The Wednesday market
This week’s market offers wonderful choices for fruit and vegetables.including great tasting tomatoes grown less then 3 miles from Luther Burbank Center for the Arts

There are a few vendors who only come on Wednesday and you are missing out if you don’t come and meet them. You are missing agreat blue cheese and wine.

Wednesday Only Vendors *

Hector’s Honey dried garlic, onions, winter squash, tomatillos and of course honey

Farm Sinclair Lettuces, radishes and a variety of Asian greens usually picked the morning of the market,

Parsons’ Homegrown Yellow, red and red cherry tomatoes. Really tasty, grown locally

Armstrong Valley Farm Eggs, beets, carrots, greens. His carrots are legendary

Penny Royal Farm Wonderful cheeses – award winning cheeses
The blue is amazing.*

Navarro Vineyards Wine and juices made from wine grapes. The pinot noir is a favorite with children and adults.*

The Fruit Factory Citrus and yams this time of year. Great prices on bulk purchases

Ridgeview Farm Lettuces, radishes and other spring vegetables. Not only are they tasty but they are beautiful *

Dream Catcher Ranch Locally raised meat. Ask about their meat CSA*

The Green Grocer Great farm to table fare. Served on china. Treat yourself to some great Sonoma County eating They cook straight from the market

Edgework’s Sharpening Services Get a spring tune-up for your garden tools. Don’t forget to sign up for Art’s email reminder service

Franco’s One World Sausages – Simply the best sausages. Ask Dennis to recommend the perfect one for you. When it’s raining the next day, wouldn’t be great to have a nice plate of sausage and potatoes and whatever vegetable you prefer. Everything you need is at the Wednesday market.

Gaga Cafe You can’t take Gary’s smile home with you but you can get the same great coffee –take home a bag of beans!

Full Circle Bakery Wonderful breads good variety from sandwich to specialty bread. The perfect bread for your mid-winter BLT
everything you need for a great BLT is at the Wednesday market.

Honeymoon Ice Cream Seasonal flavors, locally produced from local organic milk. Package in returnable jars. Ice Cream sandwiches. Wednesday only. You have got to come and taste.

The Taste of Tea Come and as see what they are sampling. Ask about the tea and food pairings.

Mi Fiesta Catering Co. Whether it’s a party for one or more. Mi Fiesta is one stop shopping. Their tortillas make great wraps for any kind of filling.


2/12 Vendor LIst
New to the Wednesday market  Honeymoon Brand Ice Cream   organic ice cream from St Benoit milk
Music by Hank Levine
Edgeworks Sharpening Services
Starting from Scratch
Green Grocer
Dream Catcher Ranch
The Fruit Factory
Armstrong Valley Farm
Penny Royal Farm
Navarro Vineyards
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Parsons HomeGrown
Farm Sinclair
Hector’s Honey
Bohemian Wellbeing Farm
Mi Fiesta Catering
Willow Designs
A Taste of Tea
Quillfully Yours
Full Circle Bakery
GaGa Cafe
Franco’s One World Sausages
Honeymoon Brand
I’m Sew Sure





Who doesn’t love tacos?
This a recipe for omnivores and carnivores

Every week the market has the ingredients for a meal feeding four on special. We want you to try new things and to see the difference high quality ingredients make in even the simplest dish

The Saturday February 8th  meal deal is beef tacos
Salmon Creek Ranch has a special on their Angus ground beef $2 off each pound
“We are proud that many customers including chefs have told us ours is the best beef they have ever tasted. We cut no corners — all our beef carcasses are “dry aged” to perfection (three weeks) at extra expense before butchering. All our cuts are USDA-inspected, labeled and use premium quality vacuum packaging for maximum long-term freshness rather than the common low-cost paper wrapping commonly found on beef that questionably circumvents USDA inspection or tries to reduce costs at the expense of quality.”

Mi Fiesta is providing the tortillas  corn or flour your choice  50 cents off each package. They taste homemade

Hector’s Honey — onions are grown less than three miles from the market.

Parsons Homegrown has the best tasting winter tomato in the world $1.00 off a pound. Parsons Homegrown is located in Fulton just a mile or two from the market

Orchard Farms Organic lettuce mix – just about a dollars worth.

Leon Day’s Lava Sauce “”Molten Skovilles” Only five bucks this Saturday
We have added habaneros to the Volcanic hot sauce..This is the boiler…any hotter you lose the wonderful taste. For lovers of the absolutes…Taste and heat… Ingredients:tomato, habanero, serrano, jalepeno, onions, ginger, vinegar, fructose and lemon juice.

1 lb. ground beef from Salmon Creek
1 1/2 lb onion from Hector (ask for the medium yellow onions) diced
1 lb tomatoes from Parson’s diced
2 cloves garlic minced
2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp cayenne (or more if you want it spicy )
A pinch of salt and black pepper
1 package corn OR flour tortillas from Mi Fiesta
Salad mix from Orchard
Leon Day’s Lava Sauce

Pre-heat olive oil in a pan over med to med high heat.
Add the ground beef, 1/2 of the onion and 2 cloves of garlic a pinch of salt and black pepper.
After approx.2-3 min ( before the meat is completely brown) add the cumin,
chili powder, cayenne pepper and 1/4 cup of water.
Turn down the heat and simmer until almost all the liquid has evaporated.
Serve the meat mixture on a warm tortilla and top with the remaining diced onion, tomatoes, salad mix and the Lava sauce.

1 lb ground beef $6.99 from Salmon Creek
1 package of corn OR flour tortillas $2.50 from Mi Fiesta
1 lb large red tomatoes $2.00 from Parsons Homegrown Tomatoes
1 small head of garlic approx $1.00 from just about anyone
1 half lb onion from Hector at $2.50 per lb (ask for the medium onions. The large ones are $3)
5.5 oz. jar of Leon’s Lava hot sauce $5.00.
A handful of salad mix from Orchard approx $1.00

Spices from the pantry: cumin, chili powder and cayenne

$19.74 total

Just under our $20 goal but we guarantee these will be the best beef tacos you’ve ever had…. the ingredients are so good you can’t go wrong.

A little taco trivia
Jeffrey M. Pilcher, professor of history at the University of Minnesota forthcoming Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food (Oxford University Press says this about the history of the taco
The origins of the taco are really unknown. My theory is that it dates from the 18th century and the silver mines in Mexico, because in those mines the word “taco” referred to the little charges they would use to excavate the ore. These were pieces of paper that they would wrap around gunpowder and insert into the holes they carved in the rock face. When you think about it, a chicken taquito with a good hot sauce is really a lot like a stick of dynamite. The first references [to the taco] in any sort of archive or dictionary come from the end of the 19th century. And one of the first types of tacos described is called tacos de minero—miner’s tacos. So the taco is not necessarily this age-old cultural expression; it’s not a food that goes back to time immemorial.

So at the same time, what’s happening with tacos in Mexico?
You’re also starting to see new migrants coming into Mexico. For example, there are a lot of Lebanese migrants, and one of the things they bring with them is shawarma, or gyros—vertical rotisseries where they cook lamb, and they put it on little pita breads. But when they start putting [the meat] on tortillas, they’re called tacos arabes: Arab tacos. Again, it’s the second generation, the children of these Lebanese migrants, who change the recipe a little bit and start using pork instead of lamb. And they start adding a little pineapple. Tacos al pastor, which really doesn’t catch on until the 1960s, then becomes a standard Mexican dish that’s everywhere.


The Wednesday market is located in the North Parking Lot of Luther Burbank Center for the Arts

the hours are 8:30 to Noon.

The Wonderful Wednesday market vendors

Hector’s Honey Kiwi, squash, potatoes, onions, garlic,tomatillos,hot and sweet peppers and honey of course

Twin Peaks Orchard  Citrus getting to the end of their winter season at the market

Dream Catcher Ranch Bacon Bacon Bacon and Parsons Homegrtown tomatoes is back. The Winter BLT and it is good

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm Join with Mr. Kim wishing for rain. Plenty of cultivated mushrooms but no porcini until it rains

Parsons Home Grown just down the road from Luther Burbank Center for the Arts – the out of season tomato that tastes like summer

Farm Sinclair Beautiful lettuces and Asian greens

Armstrong Valley Farm The best carrots. Onion,garlic, shallots, potatoes
greens and sometimes citrus

My Comfort Zone Take a chill pil-low. Susan has pillow of all sizes
that can be chilled or heated. You find the right one for all your aches and pains.

Full Circle Bakery Breads of all kinds and some sweet treats too
Have you tried their marble rye or the cheddar garlic?

Quillfully Yours Learn about the craft of quilling and see her inventory of beautiful handmade cards and other accessories. A great selection of antique Valentines.

The Taste of Tea Wonderful Wellness Wednesday– every Wednesday The Taste of Tea introduces something fun and good for you. Stop by for a sample.

Mi Fiesta Catering Co. Salsas, dips, tortillas, chips (baked not fried) – packages of enchiladas and tamales – a fast easy and really good meal. Hot tamales at the market. Fast and a great price.

Willow Designs Clever jewelry designs from old silverware.

I’m Sew Sure Wonderful work on table ware -runners, table cloths, napkins, place mats Great attention to detail

Franco’s One World Sausages If you want to elevate any dish
add any sausage but you can ask Dennis for a recommendation and he will pick the perfect sausage for you.

Starting From Scratch Omelet bar and other hits like biscuits with sausage gravy. They have a great sandwich called Solitude -chicken, carmelized onions, brie and I couldn’t figure out why they called it Solitude After I had one I realized it’s because you need to be alone when you eat it so you don’t have to share.

Green Grocer The best farm to table fare anywhere.

Hank Levine will be playing. It’s going to be another beautiful day.


Vendors for the Wonderful Wednesday market.

Parsons Homegrown Tomatoes is BACK. The best out of season tomato ever.

Remember the market will be closed Saturday the 18th and open instead on Sunday the 19th  Regular schedule resumes the following week January 25th

Wednesday Market 1/15:

Hector’s Honey   Honey of course, produce including winter squash, garlic, potatoes, kiwis, hot and sweet peppers

Armstrong Valley Farm potatoes, lemons, lettuce and the best carrots in the world

Dream Catcher Ranch locally raised meat: pork, beef and lamb. Ask them about their breakfast boxes it’s a meat CSA program

Penny Royal Farm Nominated for the Good Food Awards for their goat cheeses and they have an award winning blue cheese

Navarro Vineyards Wine, non-alcoholic grape juice and ver jus a wonderful cooking ingredient

Farm Sinclair Asian vegetables, lettuces, radishes new items each week

Twin Peaks Orchard Citrus Citrus and more citrus

Parsons Tomatoes The world’s best out of season tomato

GaGa Cafe A cup of great coffee, beans by the bag, hot chocolate

Full Circle Bakery An assortment of baked goods including some morning pastries, sandwich breads and specialty breads (including cheddar garlic you have to buy two in order to get home with one)

Mi Fiesta Catering The best fast food- the tamale with your choice of salsa and guacamole. Their packages of tamales and enchiladas are perfect for an easy lunch or dinner with no fuss on your part. They have chips, salsa and tortillas too. Everything for your own fiesta

A Taste of Tea Stop by and ask about their teas. The green tea latte (no dairy involved) is yummy. They are very knowledgeable and happy to share information and tastes

Waterhorse Ridge Simply the best jams, conserves, salsas. Everything is locally grown and made with less sugar so the flavors shine through.

Green Grocer Have something to eat at the market from a chef described as the love child of the French Laundry and Whole Foods. This is farm to table at its best

Starting from Scratch Huge omelets stuffed with the ingredients of your choice– all from the market. In a hurry grab some sausage gravy over a big fluffy biscuit. Thinking about a party for the 49’er game ask them about dishes you can pick up at the Sunday market.

My Comfort Zone Pillows of comfort in all sizes that can be heated or chilled. Ask Susan to give you a tour of her inventory you will find just what you need.

Quillfully Yours Handmade cards. Excellent inventory of Valentine’s Day cards. You don’t want to be scrambling around on Valentine’s Day at the local drugstore for something for your sweetie.

Willow Designs Clever jewelry. Some designs feature vegetable beads. Many pieces are made from old silverware. You’ll find the perfect gift and for sure something for yourself.

I’m Sew Sure Many original designs including wonderful special occasion placements. They also have baby blankets, large carry-alls, beautiful napkins and other table ware. All of their pieces are crafted with great attention to detail.


The Wonderful Wednesday market is back tomorrow

Music – Hank Levine

Hector’s Honey Peppers, squash, potatoes, tomatillos, garlic, onions, eggs and of course honey and other bee products

Twin Peaks Orchards Sunny Citrus

The Dream Catcher Ranch Beef, pork and lamb

Penny Royal Farm Award winning cheeses including a great blue cheese
Navarro Vineyards Grape juice and wine

Bohemian Wellbeing Farm Foraged and wild mushrooms

Farm Sinclair Bok Choi, tat soy and other Asian vegetables, radishes

Armstrong Valley Farm Potatoes, kale several different kinds,lemons, eggs, broccoli -several kinds

Gaga Cafe The best cup of coffee and you can get the beans to take home

My Comfort Zone Feeling a little achy for whatever reason. Susan
has the perfect pillow for you — can be heated or chilled.

Full Circle Bakery Great bread and some lovely pastries to go with that great cup of coffee

Quillfully Yours Wonderful Antique Valentines Cards

The Taste of Tea Ask about Wellness Wednesday

Mi Fiesta Catering Co. The best fast food at the best price – Mi Fiesta is party central. Wonderful chips and salsas

Willow Designs Clever jewelry designs — many crafted from silverware

I’m Sew Sure An array of hand sewn items: bags, baby blankets and special placemats for birthdays.

Food from two outstanding kitchens at the Wednesday market ths weel.

Starting From Scratch Omelets and sausage gravy and biscuits.. and a lot more.

The Green Grocer The name of the dish might sound familiar
but the Green Grocer always puts a slight twist on the dish.


Which egg would you rather have?

Which egg would you rather have?


arm Fresh Eggs are a great source of quality protein with a lower
price. The yolks of farm fresh eggs are a deep, rich orange.

Egg Nutrients
Eggs are all natural and packed with a number of nutrients.

One egg has lots of vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein and antioxidants, all for 70 calories. The nutrients in eggs can play a role in weight management, muscle strength, healthy pregnancy, brain function, eye health and more. At less than 15 cents apiece, eggs are an affordable and delicious breakfast option.

The protein in eggs is the highest-quality protein found in any food. The high-quality protein in eggs provides the mental and physical energy families need for important days.

Eggs are featured in this week’s Meal Deal recipe for Kale Frittata

Eggs are available from:

Singing Frogs Farm
Hector’s Honey
Armstrong Valley Farm
McClelland’s Dairy
Pepper Ranch Poultry
Salmon Creek Ranch Duck Eggs


The Wednesday market has a great selection of Sonoma grown produce.  McClellan Dairy has joined the Wednesday party with wonderful artisan butters and eggs.   Body Balance is offering massage at the market… take the stress out of your week.

Most of the tomatoes  at the Saturday Heirloom Tomato Tasting are available at the Wednesday market.   An excellent selection is also at the Thursday market.  This is the last week for the Thursday market until next summer.

Wednesday Vendor list

Edgeworks Sharpening Services

The Beet Generation
McClellan Dairy
Armstrong Valley Farm
Ridgeview Farm
Leap Frog Greens
Farm Sinclair
Bohemian Wellbeing Farm
Dreamcatcher Ranch
The Patch
EGB Farms
Min-Hee Hill Gardens
Hectors Honey
Sebastopol Berry Farm
Village Charter School & Garden
Alma’s Oilcloths
Waterhorse Ridge
Full Circle Bakery
GaGa Café
Franco’s One World Sausages
Body Balance —    massage what a great way to get over  mid-week stress
I’m Sew Sure
Quillfully Yours
My Comfort Zone
Green Grocer
Penang Kitchen
Starting from Scratch